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Just like some of our past clients with the Stressproof Method:


Ready To Finally FEEL BETTER Without The Unnecessary Stress?

If you're anything like me and the Leaders I work with, then you probably realize that your passion, purpose, and life ambitions are what fuel you to keep pushing forward.
And while working HARDER feels like you're in control, it's also keeping you STUCK in this never ending cycle of stress!
Unless you plan on giving up on the career and life you dreamed of, then you already know there's no other option but to keep moving forward.
The question we have to ask ourselves then becomes: "What benefit do I get from doing the same thing over and over again that is keeping me stuck and stressed?".


And it's time to live in a reality where this exact confidence overpowers your stress and you start making bigger strides toward your dream life because you know exactly how to handle yourself and any situation that comes your way.
It's time to become STRESSPROOF so that you can stop being entertained by the same stressful situations that only keep you from repeating LAST YEAR all over again, and start Personalizing in a completely different way - a NEW way that leads to powerfully RESPONDING instead of constantly reacting.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Receive news at work and not respond with panic or worry
  • Be completely neutral at what would have felt like an annoying co-worker or colleague
  • End the day with 100% satisfaction and not have to think about work or other worries well into the evening
  • Feel at peace because you know exactly what to do in any situation by following a step by step method

And sure, we can try to spend all of our precious time fixing every problem, trying to get along with that one stakeholder, or managing all of the emails we receive in a day just so we can mitigate issues, but isn't it more important (and faster) to just not SEE it as stressful so that "it" doesn't happen again next month or even tomorrow?
We can continue to try and control the entire Universe day by day, or go from one job to another, but we have to face the facts and ask ourselves, "Is this really working and if so, is THIS how I want to live my life?".
So, we can trudge through the day merely HOPING all of our hard work and effort will pay off...
... OR we can learn how to finally feel good now and in confident control no matter what happens.
Why wait?

"When I started with you, I felt I was getting through things with sheer determination and grit. Now, I’m in control. I can choose to be the professional, father, husband, friend, and leader I want to be. The possibilities are endless. Thank you so much for your assistance."

Regional VP

THINK Better

Dive deep into your Personalization and learn the exact formula so that you can overcome even the most stressful situations no matter what situation presents itself!

FEEL Better

Learn how to release any difficult emotion effectively (90 seconds is all it takes!) and how to feel better right away so that you get BACK IN ALIGNMENT and show up the way you WANT to!

Laser Coaching

With VIP Access get insight into your specific situation and unblock exactly what's keeping you stuck from moving forward and making even BIGGER strides towards your dream life!


What would it be like to end the day with a smile knowing you put in 100% of your fullest potential? 
Or how would it feel going to bed at night feeling peace as you settle in with a good book without the worries that usually follow you to bed?
And finally, what would it feel like knowing exactly how to manage any situation with complete  confidence?
Good right?
This is actually what's possible when you live from your TRUE identity, and it should be our average state.
And yet so many stressed successes are chronically worried or stressed because they believe the OUTSIDE world needs to perfect in order to feel an ounce of good in the INSIDE.
Inside the Stressproof Method you're going to learn exactly how to feel good from the INSIDE so that no matter what happens on the outside, you feel confident, prepared, and fully capable to handle whatever comes your way.

Inside this program you will:

  • Learn the step by step method to Personalization and thinking better thoughts (and truly believing them too!) so that you can get back on track and shine like the Leader you know you can be
  • Identify and discharge stress (and any uncomfortable emotion) so that you aren't distracted for days or weeks, and so that it doesn't detract from your Leadership energy (this is so important!)
  • Find a profound sense of inner authority that will enable you to show up with true confidence! After all, no amount of outer validation can ease imposter syndrome if we can't believe it for ourselves
  • Receive the clarity you need to move beyond stress and stressful situations so that you can get the results you want
  • And so much more!

If you're someone who is serious about getting back into successful patterns that will catapult you into your future, then you already understand that you need to change what you've been doing because now you're ready for a major upgrade and you don't want to miss this opportunity!

PILLAR 1: Brain Management

Inside this module you will learn EXACTLY how to start thinking like a confident person and never let a negative situation drag you down. We reveal the formula for HOW to access your Personalization and you will learn how to stop being entertained by your brain, and instead learn how to leverage your brain so that you THINK ON PURPOSE. If you're tired of living your life with the same "default" results, this training is for you.

PILLAR 2: Emotional Management

In this module you will learn the science of how to finally release any difficult emotion the way your body was DESIGNED to let go of emotions. Learn how to instantly let go of old baggage within 90 seconds as well as how to GENERATE how you want to feel in any moment so that you can move on from any situation with more peace and confidence. We aren't meant to THINK about our emotions and troubleshoot with logic, we are meant to FEEL them first and release it so that we can think from a neutral space.

PILLAR 3: Training & Rewiring

Inside this module you will learn what it takes to train and rewire your brain for next level success. There's a reason why most stressed successes struggle when it comes to obstacles or that next goal and it's because they haven't learned to THINK and FEEL from their Future Self. Through this advanced training you will be prepared for that next level without any surprises or setbacks. 

NEW!: Energy Management

Over the years of coaching highly successful, Empathic Executives, there is an extra component to becoming Stressproof and that is with our energy, specifically, our higher attention and who we decide to give it to. Included in this module are practical, highly effective tools to help you manage your life force energy so that you aren't zapped by the time you get home, constantly worrying about that stakeholder, but rather feeling powerful and confident no matter who you face throughout the day.



Committing To Your Future Self

Are you committed to your success? Do you know what your Future Self truly desires? What is your intention and is it strong enough to withstand daily distractions? In this training we ensure we commit to our Future Self before embark on this life changing transformation.

The Two Things You Need To Get Started

This training is the foundation of how every Stressproof Leader is utilizing the two most important assets we have in a way that leads us to higher levels of consciousness and deeper capacities to love.

Personalization In-Depth

Personlization is where it all starts and we're diving DEEP into breaking it all down. Without understanding Personalization we will remain unconscious to our deepest patterns as well as always feel as if we are powerless to other people and circumstances in our life. This is where everything SHIFTS... for good.

How To Think On Purpose

In this training we reveal the exact formula for how to think ON PURPOSE. Never be confused again about why you said something or why you took certain actions (that you later regret). You will walk away with a level of confidence like never before and what almost every client says was the biggest AHA of their life!

How To Believe Unbelievable Thoughts

It's not always easy trying to believe a positive thought, which is why affirmations don't always work. In this training we will cover a simple, yet life changing framework that will give you the exact BLUEPRINT for believing ANY thought! This is crucial to ever uplevel and new chapter we initiate in our life.

How To Feel Better

Learn what it takes to start feeling better the right way, so that you don't default to common overing behavior such as eating it away, pouring another glass of wine, or trying to work it away putting in those extra hours to solve every problem. We need a new approach to get us to a new destination, and this is it.

The Emotional Release Method

Did you know there is a fast and simple way to release an emotion that works like a charm? What would it feel like to let go of a feeling in two minutes or less? In this training we teach you the formula to release any difficult emotion.

How To Never Be Afraid Of Your Emotions

Although there are certain emotions that will never be easy to feel, it doesn't mean we have to BE AFRAID and AVOID certain people or parts of our life living in fear. Learn how to never be afraid of your emotions (or other people's emotions) for good.

Training For Next Level Success

In this training you're going to learn why learning how to increase your CAPACITY to think and feel at NEW levels is the only true path to meeting your future self faster. This is the only reason why you haven't achieved some of your biggest goals yet, and once you understand this concept you will feel unstoppable.

Meeting Your Future Self

In this training video we will reveal the secret to meeting your Future Self faster so that you can stop making some of the most critical mistakes that every stressed out success is making that is keeping them stuck and repeating last year all over again!

Advanced Modeling

There is a science to thinking and feeling better and in this training we're going to dive deep and learn the exact formula that will help you to release so much unnecessary stress and suffering that most are unable to release. This is the ULTIMATE PEACE you can create for yourself.


Which means you get any new updates or version of the program in the future!




For 3 Months OR Save 19% When You Pay In Full

✔️Lifetime Access To The Stressproof Program

✔️Brain Management

✔️Emotional Management

✔️Training For Next Level Success

✔️PDF Downloads, Workbooks, and Training

✔️Guided Visualizations for Subconscious Rewiring

✔️Bonus Training: How To Stop Overeating For The LAST Time

✔️Bonus Training: Create More Time In Your Day To Do What YOU Want

✔️Bonus Masterclass: Achieving That Impossible Dream

✔️Bonus Masterclass: You Don't Have To Delete ANYONE


Save 19% by paying in full here.




For 3 Months OR Save $500 When You Pay In Full

✔️Lifetime Access To The Stressproof Program

✔️Brain Management

✔️Emotional Management

✔️Training For Next Level Success

✔️PDF Downloads, Workbooks, and Training

✔️Guided Visualizations for Subconscious Rewiring

✔️Bonus Training: How To Stop Overeating For The LAST Time

✔️Bonus Training: Create More Time In Your Day To Do What YOU Want

✔️Bonus Masterclass: Achieving That Impossible Dream

✔️Bonus Masterclass: You Don't Have To Delete ANYONE

✔️3 Month Programmed Coaching

✔️Individualized Exercises and Homework Assignments Unique To You & Your Situation

✔️Unlimited Email Support and "Ask a Coach" To Get Any Question Answered Between Coaching Sessions

✔️TEN 1:1 VIP Laser Coaching Sessions with Susan

NOTE: LIMITED Spots Available!

Save 10% by paying in full here.

VIP ACCESS 3 X $1,667

If Our Clients Are Seeing This Kind Of Growth, What's Possible For You When You Believe In Yourself Too?


- S.C., Entertainment



- T.C., M.D., FAAFP



- R.B., Senior Designer Tech



"Working with Susan is like having one big reality check every time. Who knew there was a systematic approach to building a high performance state."
-J.D., Sales Executive


"I started with Susan several months ago to help me re-frame what appeared to be a very stressful life circumstance. My mindset and energy were not supporting the significant change I had been through and with what I was about to face months ahead. During our first session I knew I found a kindred spirit, since she's overcome many of the same challenges. Her intuitive sense of what challenge to explore next and the models we used to uncover hidden mindset traps was so incredibly valuable to me. The biggest change is how equipped and supported I am now to face any fear with practical tools and empowering strategies. I am a different person today than when I began, thanks to Susan's transformational efforts."
-W.F., VP


"Although I know this is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to what I’m going to learn, I feel like I’ve just started to wake up from a 35 year sleepy fog. I’ve started to feel a lightness, joy and sense of presence  I haven’t felt...ever."
-D.S. Director of Communications


"Wow, where do I start?

Thank you for helping me help myself. This has been a major life-changing experience for me. I am so grateful that I found and connected with you last October.

Our coaching sessions have been so rewarding and insightful. I am so grateful for all of it. I am grateful for your guidance on the tools and methodology that I can apply to myself.

Our meeting was so synchronous. Before I came across your work and heard about you through your podcast, I was already starting to see pieces of how I have been living my life in a constant state of stress. I realised what I was doing but I didn’t understand why I was creating this stress. I was so identified with the thoughts in my head that was all I knew all the time. I was blaming my job, my manager, and my circumstances for causing the stress.

Finally, the Universe is saying to me “okay, you are ready for your new lessons now”. That’s when I started coming across your work. It only took one 20-minute intro session, and I was 100% committed. This lady knows exactly what I am talking about. She knows what I am struggling with.

You have helped me realise that I have been using stress as a coping mechanism to deal with the emotions I am feeling in my body. You’ve shown me I can be the gatekeeper and how to choose my thoughts. You showed me how not to be afraid of feeling my emotions in my body. More importantly, you showed me how to return to living my life with compassion and curiosity.

Now I can see that I can be that authentic person I want to be in life. I can be the person I want to be for others in my life. I can feel my capacity expanding and growing. I feel excited, joyful, hopeful, and more importantly alive again.

Susan, your passion and knowledge shines through in all that you do. I am deeply grateful for sharing your special gift with me."
-J.S., Risk Manager


"I used to see things so negatively, and now I'm actually relaxed and able to enjoy my day."
-N.R., Sales Executive


"After utilizing the Personalization I’m now starting to look at things and asking myself, “Is this a good use of my time?" "Does this require my level of attention?"  I feel so aware now. If something bothers or triggers me I'm able to step back and think about what is actually bothering me, why this is affecting me the way that it is, and I feel so cognizant about everything. The things that I would have let get underneath my skin I can now watch it, acknowledge it, and move past it. I'm so perplexed by the fact that I'm almost 50, like how did I not know this?

When I started with you I was upset, and I was so emotional and in my mind I felt so burdened by the stress! Now, I can never imagine going back to feeling that way knowing that I am the one that holds the keys to the castle."
-M.S., Senior Manager


"Just a quick note I practised what you talked about Susan, with my monthly visitor, and my symptoms were pretty near non existent. I didn’t get depressed or fatigued or really much of anything, not even cramps! Wahoo!! Hope you’re sharing this girl!! Game changer!

Month 2 no pms!!! What the heck!! Usually I would be so tired, lethargic, unproductive, sleeping in, skipping the gym, emotional, etc. This last week has been amazing!!"
-J.J., Empowerment Coach


"Working with Susan has helped me take a break from my thoughts and discover an entirely knew way of looking at my stressors. After trying everything in the book to de-stress, Susan's approach gave me something tangible and progressively easier to apply in my life.

By applying the Personalization model to even the smallest things that were bothering me I was able understand the power I have to see the world in a way that lifts my life up instead of holding me back in anger."
-S.O., Actress & Dancer


"I just had my second meeting with Susan and I will say... un freakin' believable. I don't know what happened, but wow. I feel like a million bucks."
-D.W., Sales Executive


"I thought I had a good level of self-esteem. And now that I am doing this work I am questioning EVERYTHING and seeing where I am holding myself back. Through this work I'm also able to recognize and SEE what is causing pain and suffering in not only myself but others around me."
-R.B., Senior Product Designer


"Susan, thank you for everything. I cannot express how much your guidance and coaching means to me. I believe in significant “moments” in life. These are moments that shape, influence, and mold who we are and more importantly who we impact in a positive way. The past four weeks have been transformational for me personally. When I started with you, I felt I was getting through things with sheer determination and grit. Now, I’m in control. I can choose to be the professional, father, husband, friend, and leader I want to be. The possibilities are endless. Thank you so much for your assistance."
-J.M., Regional VP


"Looking back at my life prior to working with Susan I see someone who was stuck and almost resigned to being stressed out all the time. My family was being affected by my stress. After learning and practicing the methods that Susan offers I am not stuck, I am moving forward and I am more optimistic. There are certain things that I learned that I was able to put into practice immediately and others that take more time but with practice become easier. Procrastinating about certain questions or facing possible uncomfortable situations is something I used to spend a lot of time on. Not doing that now has been a big breakthrough for me. I know the work I have to do is not over because life is not over yet. Things will happen that will be unexpected and or stressful but I am not so worried about them anymore. I have a way forward and feel confident about facing them."
-C.L., Cartographer


"Take time to invest in yourself otherwise you run the risk of just wandering through life pleasing others without any real satisfaction or joy in your own life. I have taken a lot of 'business' courses, but this course was of far more benefit to me personally as well as being a positive influence on my relationships, and work!"
-R.F., Managing Partner


"After a lifetime of stress you've helped me and my family incredible amounts. Thanks to your help managing my brain and feelings, I can finally see to the root of my stress and have started to find and process the trauma underneath."
-S.G., Stressproof Student


"After a non-stop run of high achievements, I had come to a pyrrhic victory. I found myself asking: “is this it? I’m not sure if I want this.” My life was consumed by my career. My high-drive for success had developed into a high-level of anxiety and self-doubt. The higher I climbed in my Company, the less I felt capable or deserving of my position. As a perfectionist I had become so terrified of underperforming that I was at the mercy of my now infinite workload. Something had to give, and the only solution I could think of was to leave. But I wasn’t going to leave my profession just because I couldn’t get it under control. There had to be a way!

After listening to a few of Susan’s podcasts I realised I’d discovered someone who GETS IT. I applied for one on one coaching with Susan and after going through her teachings and applying them to all of the issues I was facing, I realised it was all in my head and things changed VERY QUICKLY. I started to say no, without feeling guilty. I confidently told my my clients I couldn’t deliver on short notice because I had a long weekend booked - the old me would have canceled plans in a heartbeat to serve the client.

I now feel like I can stand up to the pressures of my career without wearing the guilt or anxiety that used to come with me trying to set boundaries. I come to work as completely different person - super magnetic and confident; and my colleagues respond to me in so much more of a positive light - they SEE a different person! For the first time in 12 years I feel at peace in my career. I never thought it could be possible to get out of this headspace. Susan is truly an expert when it comes to this and it was absolutely worth the investment as she has very much changed my life!"
-D.C., Associate Partner


"Dear Susan, thank you so much for our coaching session on Tuesday! I really appreciate your help and giving such CLARITY to my tangled up brain! I truly love your work and will continue to TRAIN my brain and heart. Your work means so much and thank you for putting so much time and love into it!"
-E.B.P., Entrepreneur & Stressproof Student


"I hate to talk about myself and my emotions but Susan was so helpful and supportive. Every since applying the techniques and skills I have learned, I've since become a more calm and content person and I'm even able to manage my inner self better. I left feeling much more positive and felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Again, thank you so much Susan!!"
-J.B., Philanthropy


"I felt energy entering my body as I was going through the course. It's that stillness after a yoga session and I can feel the energy moving through my body. I was amazed getting so much energy through a brain exercise inside your course! I can't wait to get through the rest of this rich information. I know you say to take your time with each exercise but I just can't help myself. I'm excited for the transformation. Thank you so much for creating this and putting it out into the world for people like me."
-H.W., Management


"Susan, after a couple false starts, I got immersed in the material this weekend (1st section); I recall you suggested taking time, up to a week, to process the material - I just couldn't hold back. It kind of turns your world upside down. And I was very disillusioned with previous efforts to resolve my stress.  Anyway, I took a lot of notes and have been reviewing - with the exercises; it's allowed me to build several 'models' that shook-up things I've been working on. This came at an important time for me on many fronts, and as you hinted, clarity (and practice) in one area often leads to progress in another. I think it's true - our problems do seem to have a common denominator. Much thanks."
-M.L., Banking


Before I started working with Susan Choi, I was stressed out and anxious, and constantly feeling like I was in a whirlpool of my own thoughts and feelings which were holding me back from being the person I wanted to be. I knew that I was capable of so much more in my life - I just didn't know how to get there. I had already learned some coaching tools and anti-stress techniques from listening to podcasts or attending online workshops, but I found myself constantly hitting walls with my self-coaching practice. The first time I chatted with Susan in our consultation, I felt instantly that she understood what I was going through, without me having to share much. I realized that what I needed - in her words - was for someone to "turn on the light" for me, and I knew that she would be the ideal coach to help do that. It took me some time to obtain the funds to start working with her, and she showed incredible patience and kindness throughout that process. Once we finally started working together, I noticed a change after only a couple sessions. The next 3 months went by way too fast, but the transformation I experienced during that time was incredible.

Susan taught me how to love and accept myself no matter my circumstances; how to release my emotions and understand that my feelings (including stress and anxiety) won't hurt me and that they are part of the human experience; and how to make decisions with more confidence and less self-doubt. Our coaching sessions revealed how much additional and unnecessary stress I caused myself through self-judgment, people-pleasing, setting impossible goals for perfection, and avoiding my "negative" feelings. She taught me concrete tools to work through these thoughts, and to really hone in on managing my mind, my emotions, and my authority to choose how I want to think and feel. I really appreciated the homework assignments and how available she was in between our sessions. Because of this, I now find myself practicing thought work more frequently, which has contributed to a level of self-awareness I didn't have before. I learned something new about myself every week. Some of the most valuable skills she taught me were around "work-life balance," such as optimizing my use of time via my calendar, setting boundaries at work, and allowing more pleasure into my life. I now believe I can be happy at work, which I never thought was possible before. Through my work with Susan, I feel better equipped to produce the results that I want in my life, such as showing up at work as the leader that I want to be. I would recommend this coaching experience to anyone else who also feels like their stress is holding them back; it is amazing what our minds are capable of - all we need is someone to turn on the light!
-M.A., UC Berkeley Recruiting

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're signed up for VIP Mentorship you will be provided a private link to schedule all your calls within 24 hours.

Be prepared, these calls are dynamic and you will experience PLENTY of breakthroughs that will blow your own mind and have you thinking for DAYS beyond the call as you integrate the lessons.

Whether you're struggling with a specific situation now, or have felt stuck for the last several months, OR simply want to achieve an impossible goal - this mentorship is for you if you want to stop playing small and finally achieve your goals FASTER than ever before.

Let's go.

Your access to this program is LIFETIME. You can replay the videos as many times as you want and re-visit them any time you're struggling with a stressful situation for a refresher.

If you've been struggling with the endless mind chatter, handling your stress, or you've been trying to figure out how to solve this one problem in your life that you believe is causing you stress... then you've been ready.

All you need is an open mind and the willingness to learn the teachings.

Whatever may be holding you back, simply ask yourself, "What is it costing me to NOT solve this problem?".

In a recent study, when we tally up all of the tangible costs of alcohol, food, spontaneous splurges, vacations, and medications, many have reported this cost to be upwards to $12,000 PER YEAR!

And that's only the tangible cost, which excludes our happiness, peace, relationships, career growth, and so much more.

What has it cost you so far?

If you don't have time NOW then you will continue to trip up over stress. Think of it like tying your shoelaces. Would you delay learning how to tie your shoelaces and risk tripping over your own two feet over and over again? No. You would learn this important skill so that it saves you valuable time later.

In fact, most struggling successes start to wonder, "Is this even worth it?" once their time and happiness is at risk. Inside this program you will not only learn how to stress LESS, you will have access to a bonus training that will teach you how to create more time in your day so that you can actually do the things you want.

The teachings inside this program are based on neuroscience, cognitive science, and somatic principles. If you're a human being on planet Earth and you put IN the effort to learn and apply these proven models to your life, then you'll see the same success as many of the Executives and Leaders have who have gone through this program and have never looked back.


You have to want this for yourself first.

Are you ready to meet your Future Self?

Will you decide to put in the work no matter what?

With that said, we do offer a 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. We do require that you put in the work. You must complete the entire course, put in the work, give it a solid effort, and let us review the work before we give a 100% 30 day money back guarantee. The Stressproof Method just plain works and if it doesn't you can email us at [email protected]. We stand behind our product.

The short answer is YES!

Here's the thing. There are many misconceptions out there about what it means to be sensitive.

Your sensitivity is a GIFT. You simply need to learn how to SEE energy instead of automatically FEEL energy.

No one ever taught us that WE are actually in control of what enters our space and that WE can control our own space.

If you're extra sensitive and want to finally learn how to energy-proof yourself and your space, I highly recommend the VIP Mentorship for specialized support.

You don't have to hold yourself back any longer. Life is too short for that.

Many of my current and past clients have told me that they hesitated for as long as 6 months because they had the thought, "I should be able to overcome this." or "I should be able to figure this out".

Is this you too?

These same clients had their minds BLOWN in the very first session. They had no idea they were creating their own suffering unconsciously, and once they learned the tools that are inside this program suddenly, emails, the boss, that promotion, the negative thoughts, these all became neutral circumstances in their life that stopped creating so much stress in their life.

David's exact words after his first session was, "Wow, I had no idea my thinking was so one-dimensional. I don't even know how to access my future self or what that even looks like, let alone that this was even possible! I'm excited about the possibilities of what this can provide for me.".

Don't wait 6 months like David did. Join today and start shifting your life NOW!

As soon as you choose the access level that is right for you, you will have immediate access to the program so that you can can get started with the modules as well as download the accompanying workbooks.

Make sure you check your inbox for a confirmation email (and just in case, check your spam folder too).

You will also receive a separate email (within 24 hours) with a link to schedule your Laser Coaching session with Susan.


If you're like any one of my high performing clients then you KNOW deep down inside you are meant for AMAZING things in your life.

The question isn't a matter of IF for you, it's a matter of WHEN.

And if that's the case, you have to ask yourself this very important question, "Is who I am BEING right now, ready for that next big thing?".

If you're constantly frazzled, stressed out, and wondering, "is something wrong with me?" then you know there's some work to be done and what you've been doing up until this point has only gotten you so far.

If you're ready to stop running around in circles hoping the next fire will go away, and you're truly ready to start OWNING your own power to create any circumstance you want, then join now.

Your time is too precious to repeat the last 12 months all over again.

Let's GO.




For 3 Months OR Save 19% When You Pay In Full

✔️Lifetime Access To The Stressproof Program

✔️Brain Management

✔️Emotional Management

✔️Training For Next Level Success

✔️PDF Downloads, Workbooks, and Training

✔️Guided Visualizations for Subconscious Rewiring

✔️Bonus Training: How To Stop Overeating For The LAST Time

✔️Bonus Training: Create More Time In Your Day To Do What YOU Want

✔️Bonus Masterclass: Achieving That Impossible Dream

✔️Bonus Masterclass: You Don't Have To Delete ANYONE


Save 19% by paying in full here.




For 3 months OR Save $500 When You Pay In Full

✔️Lifetime Access To The Stressproof Program

✔️Brain Management

✔️Emotional Management

✔️Training For Next Level Success

✔️PDF Downloads, Workbooks, and Training

✔️Guided Visualizations for Subconscious Rewiring

✔️Bonus Training: How To Stop Overeating For The LAST Time

✔️Bonus Training: Create More Time In Your Day To Do What YOU Want

✔️Bonus Masterclass: Achieving That Impossible Dream

✔️Bonus Masterclass: You Don't Have To Delete ANYONE

✔️3 Month Programmed Coaching

✔️Individualized Exercises and Homework Assignments Unique To You & Your Situation

✔️Unlimited Email Support and "Ask a Coach" To Get Any Question Answered Between Coaching Sessions

✔️TEN 1:1 VIP Laser Coaching Sessions with Susan

NOTE: LIMITED Spots Available!

Save 10% by paying in full here.

VIP ACCESS 3 X $1,667

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