Learn Your Personalization - Personalization Intro Masterclass


A deeper dive into the fundamental principle to becoming Stressproof. Transform how you feel about your work, relationships, and yourself starting today!


Learn Personalization And The Exact Formula So That You Can Apply It To Your Own Life Today!

The way you look at your life will never be the same.

(and that's an understatement!)

Inside this Masterclass you wil:


  • Get instant clarity on what is actually causing you stress in any situation. 

  • Learn the Thought Model and how you can use this to create how you want to think and feel.

  • Understand the concept of Personalization at a much deeper level that will blow your own mind.

I created this Masterclass so that you can learn one of THE fundamental principles to becoming Stressproof. It's one of the most popular tools inside the Stressproof Method.

Personalization is happening all around us whether we realize it or not, so why not learn it once and for all, and start using it in our own lives beginning today? 


What People Are Saying About Susan And The Stressproof Method:


"After a non-stop run of high achievements, I had come to a pyrrhic victory. I found myself asking: “is this it? I’m not sure if I want this.” My life was consumed by my career. My high-drive for success had developed into a high-level of anxiety and self-doubt. The higher I climbed in my Company, the less I felt capable or deserving of my position. As a perfectionist I had become so terrified of underperforming that I was at the mercy of my now infinite workload. Something had to give, and the only solution I could think of was to leave. But I wasn’t going to leave my profession just because I couldn’t get it under control. There had to be a way!

After listening to a few of Susan’s podcasts I realised I’d discovered someone who GETS IT. I applied for one on one coaching with Susan and after going through her teachings and applying them to all of the issues I was facing, I realised it was all in my head and things changed VERY QUICKLY. I started to say no, without feeling guilty. I confidently told my my clients I couldn’t deliver on short notice because I had a long weekend booked - the old me would have canceled plans in a heartbeat to serve the client.

I now feel like I can stand up to the pressures of my career without wearing the guilt or anxiety that used to come with me trying to set boundaries. I come to work as completely different person - super magnetic and confident; and my colleagues respond to me in so much more of a positive light - they SEE a different person! For the first time in 12 years I feel at peace in my career. I never thought it could be possible to get out of this headspace. Susan is truly an expert when it comes to this and it was absolutely worth the investment as she has very much changed my life!"
-D.C., Associate Partner


"Working with Susan is like having one big reality check every time. Who knew there was a systematic approach to building a high performance state."
-J.D., Sales Executive


"I started with Susan several months ago to help me re-frame what appeared to be a very stressful life circumstance. My mindset and energy were not supporting the significant change I had been through and with what I was about to face months ahead. During our first session I knew I found a kindred spirit, since she's overcome many of the same challenges. Her intuitive sense of what challenge to explore next and the models we used to uncover hidden mindset traps was so incredibly valuable to me. The biggest change is how equipped and supported I am now to face any fear with practical tools and empowering strategies. I am a different person today than when I began, thanks to Susan's transformational efforts."
-W.F., VP


"Although I know this is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to what I’m going to learn, I feel like I’ve just started to wake up from a 35 year sleepy fog. I’ve started to feel a lightness, joy and sense of presence  I haven’t felt...ever."
-D.S. Director of Communications


"I used to see things so negatively, and now I'm actually relaxed and able to enjoy my day."
-N.R., Sales Executive


"Wow, where do I start?

Thank you for helping me help myself. This has been a major life-changing experience for me. I am so grateful that I found and connected with you last October.

Our coaching sessions have been so rewarding and insightful. I am so grateful for all of it. I am grateful for your guidance on the tools and methodology that I can apply to myself.

Our meeting was so synchronous. Before I came across your work and heard about you through your podcast, I was already starting to see pieces of how I have been living my life in a constant state of stress. I realised what I was doing but I didn’t understand why I was creating this stress. I was so identified with the thoughts in my head that was all I knew all the time. I was blaming my job, my manager, and my circumstances for causing the stress.

Finally, the Universe is saying to me “okay, you are ready for your new lessons now”. That’s when I started coming across your work. It only took one 20-minute intro session, and I was 100% committed. This lady knows exactly what I am talking about. She knows what I am struggling with.

You have helped me realise that I have been using stress as a coping mechanism to deal with the emotions I am feeling in my body. You’ve shown me I can be the gatekeeper and how to choose my thoughts. You showed me how not to be afraid of feeling my emotions in my body. More importantly, you showed me how to return to living my life with compassion and curiosity.

Now I can see that I can be that authentic person I want to be in life. I can be the person I want to be for others in my life. I can feel my capacity expanding and growing. I feel excited, joyful, hopeful, and more importantly alive again.

Susan, your passion and knowledge shines through in all that you do. I am deeply grateful for sharing your special gift with me."
-J.S., Risk Manager


"After utilizing the Personalization Model I’m now starting to look at things and asking myself, “Is this a good use of my time?" "Does this require my level of attention?"  I feel so aware now. If something bothers or triggers me I'm able to step back and think about what is actually bothering me, why this is affecting me the way that it is, and I feel so cognizant about everything. The things that I would have let get underneath my skin I can now watch it, acknowledge it, and move past it. I'm so perplexed by the fact that I'm almost 50, like how did I not know this?

When I started with you I was upset, and I was so emotional and in my mind I felt so burdened by the stress! Now, I can never imagine going back to feeling that way knowing that I am the one that holds the keys to the castle."
-M.S., Senior Manager


"Usually I would be so tired, lethargic, unproductive, sleeping in, skipping the gym, emotional, etc. This last week has been amazing!!"
-J.J., Success Coach


"After trying everything in the books, Susan's approach gave me something tangible and progressively easier to apply in my life.

By applying the Personalization model to even the smallest things that were bothering me I was able understand the power I have to see the world in a way that lifts my life up instead of holding me back in anger."
-S.O., Actress & Dancer


"I just had my second meeting with Susan and I will say... un freakin' believable. I don't know what happened, but wow. I feel like a million bucks."
-D.W., Sales Executive


"I felt energy entering my body as I was going through the course. It's that stillness after a yoga session and I can feel the energy moving through my body. I was amazed getting so much energy through a brain exercise inside your course! I can't wait to get through the rest of this rich information. I know you say to take your time with each exercise but I just can't help myself. I'm excited for the transformation. Thank you so much for creating this and putting it out into the world for people like me."
-H.W., Management


"I thought I had a good level of self-esteem. And now that I am doing this work I am questioning EVERYTHING and seeing where I am holding myself back."
-R.B., Senior Product Designer


"Susan, thank you for everything. I cannot express how much your guidance and coaching means to me. I believe in significant “moments” in life. These are moments that shape, influence, and mold who we are and more importantly who we impact in a positive way. The past four weeks have been transformational for me personally. When I started with you, I felt I was getting through things with sheer determination and grit. Now, I’m in control. I can choose to be the professional, father, husband, friend, and leader I want to be. The possibilities are endless. Thank you so much for your assistance."
-J.M., Regional VP


"Looking back at my life prior to working with Susan I see someone who was stuck and almost resigned to being stressed out all the time. My family was being affected by my stress. After learning and practicing the methods that she offers in the one on one sessions I am not stuck, I am moving forward and I am more optimistic. There are certain things that I learned that I was able to put into practice immediately and others that take more time but with practice become easier. Procrastinating about certain questions or facing possible uncomfortable situations is something I used to spend a lot of time on. Not doing that now has been a big breakthrough for me. I know the work I have to do is not over because life is not over yet. Things will happen that will be unexpected and or stressful but I am not so worried about them anymore. I have a way forward and feel confident about facing them."
-C.L., Cartographer


"Take time to invest in yourself otherwise you run the risk of just wandering through life pleasing others without any real satisfaction or joy in your own life. I have taken a lot of 'business' courses, but this course was of far more benefit to me personally as well as being a positive influence on my relationships, and work!"
-R.F., Managing Partner


"After a lifetime of stress you've helped me and my family incredible amounts. Thanks to your help managing my brain and feelings, I can finally see to the root of my stress and have started to find and process the trauma underneath."
-S.G., Stressproof Student


Ready to FINALLY move past your stress and truly move on?


Then what are you waiting for? In this Masterclass I will walk you through the concept of Personalization so that you can visually SEE how it works as well as introduce you to a formula called the Thought Model so that you can start applying this concept to your own life right away!


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