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Personalization Masterclass

In this Masterclass you will learn the concept of Personalization and a powerful tool called the Thought Model.

You will be able to visually SEE how Personalization impacts you and every area of your life.


  • Masterclass Video (run time ~60 minutes)

  • Masterclass Audio version

  • Workbook & Homework

The power is now in your hands to change the course of the future.

Use this Model to think on purpose and create how you truly want to feel about yourself and your life.

Think of this time as an hour at the mental gym for your brain. You won't regret it and your Future Self will thank you!

Have fun!
Susan Choi

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What People Are Saying:

I feel so cognizant about everything. The things that I would have let get underneath my skin I can now watch it, acknowledge it, and move past it. I'm so perplexed by the fact that I'm almost 50, like how did I not know this?

M.S., Senior Manager

Who knew there was a systematic approach to building a high performance state.

J.D., Sales Executive

I come to work as completely different person - super magnetic and confident; and my colleagues respond to me in so much more of a positive light - they SEE a different person! For the first time in 12 years I feel at peace in my career. I never thought it could be possible to get out of this headspace.

D.C., Associate Partner