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Personal Astrological Insights.


"Was this supposed to happen?"

"Am I on the right path?"

"Why has these last few years been so tough?"

Sometimes the human brain can get lost and confused trying to make sense of our life.

And what can end up happening is that since we can't make any logical sense of our circumstances we end up feeling even more worried, stressed, and even ashamed because it feels as if we've exhausted every possible solution.

Can you relate to this too?

Here's the thing, astrology aside, there is something inherent within our human brain that almost every human BEING finds comfort it - confirmation.

What if...

maybe this was all supposed to happen?

maybe you're exactly where you need to be?

maybe you're not crazy after all?

maybe there's a broader plan you aren't conscious to yet?

What if astrology can help you answer these questions?

Imagine how much more resilient and clear headed you would be in the times where you needed it the most?

As a High Performance Stress Management Coach I've seen the power of how astrology can help NEUTRALIZE circumstances and therefore alleviate unnecessary stress in a person's life.

I've seen astrology help an individual fully accept and love themselves, stay true to their ultimate goals and passions, and understand the current phase of their life with deep clarity and peace.

Now, does that mean that we can just sit back and check out of life?


Does this mean that we condone bad behavior from ourselves or others?


Does this mean that astrology can help us to see more clearly and not take things so personally so that we can regain our focus and get back to creating the life that we know is deep down within our hearts?


I see astrology as a TOOL that can help you to build your life and see the blind spots you may not be aware of.

It doesn't mean we don't have to manage our own brain and other important personal work, but it's a tool that can help us to see a larger roadmap.

You weren't put here on Earth for just any reason...

The dreams you have inside your heart...

The ideas you have swirling around in your brain...

What if your personal chart can confirm exactly that?



When preparing for your session there is specific information that will be required in order to produce accurate information:

  • Your birth date
  • Your birth location
  • Your exact birth time

Please ensure this information is correct (double check if you have to!) when booking your Astrological Session.

If you don't have this information you can easily find this information on your birth certificate or call your hospital or even the county record's office.

Why is this information necessary?

If you think about the Earth's constant movement and rotation, every single moment produces a different map of the sky (or mathematical data points), which is how everyone has a unique birth chart and why even a minute can produce a drastically different natal chart.

It is through your individual birth date, geographical location, and time where specific information can be delineated, such as:

  • The strong internal archetypes (personality traits) that influence how and why you experience the world the way you do - and what you can do about the areas where you have difficulty.
  • How you best emotionally relate to other people and why knowing this information can help you to strengthen your relationships.
  • Confirming the way in which you approach your work and why you love what you do!
  • Finding out your deepest passions and which topics might continue to call you until you finally give it attention
  • Understanding what "phase" of life you are in on an emotional level as well as your career (everyone has peaks and valleys and understanding your current phase can help you approach it with vigor or compassion).
  • And so much more!

"I’ve known Susan for over a decade - we were fast friends. In that decade I’ve watch her study, build, and transcend her craft of helping humans become the very best versions of themselves. With the addition of the astrology reading expertise she has added a tool that really propels her already uncanny ability to draw out human understanding, and help people conceptualize destiny as something to embrace and acknowledge. I found comfort in knowing some things are literally written in the stars. Really fascinating, inviting, and peaceful experience. I'm lucky to have experienced this with Susan."


"I am in awe after my session with Susan! She is incredibly knowledgeable in this area and she helped me to understand on a deeper level how to use my natal chart as a guide for my future self! I am so excited for what’s to come and I’m grateful for her wisdom and experience!"
-J.W., Financial Advisor


"I was speechless that something such as astrology can tell me so much about myself. The insights I've learned is now allowing me to be aware of all of my natural gifts (which I realized I spent so much of my life hating and fearful of) and also what areas I can strengthen and improve. I can't wait for my partner to get an Astrological Session!"
-J.O., Entrepreneur


"I did a one hour initial reading with Susan, and to say she blew my mind is an understatement! With care, compassion and a quiet power she skillfully navigated my birth chart . Susan showed herself to be an astute reader by pointing to dates and events she could not have had prior knowledge of. She painted both an accurate and illuminating picture for me, and did it with great gentleness and care while also being firmly grounded in her interpretations. I will absolutely return to her for a deeper reading in some areas and I recommend her without hesitation to anyone looking for clarity or direction. Love you, Susan, and thank you for sharing your gift with me 💕 I'll be back for more."
-R.D., Conscious Parenting Coach


"Susan is phenomenal and super talented at using astrology to help me understand life’s bigger picture. We covered everything from what planetary transits are happening now in order to prepare, and what's already happened so that I can make a little more sense out of life… Susan really took her time with me, answering all my questions like “What does that mean?” or “What do I do about that?”. She helped me see how my chart shows up day to day - year to year and honestly gave me a lot of hope and clarity for the future! We covered everything from what my body needs to even explaining why I am so sensory sensitive…. What is best about working with Susan is her patience and care given to the conversation. I felt so held and cant wait to work with her again!"
-E.A., HR Leader


"Before meeting with Susan for my astrological reading, I had never done anything like this before in my life! To be honest, I was a little apprehensive and I wasn't sure what was to come out of our hour meeting, but it was nothing but pure bliss. Susan was so patient and answered all of my questions, took her time in explaining all the nooks and crannies of my chart, and also gave me a LOT to think about and consider in my own personal life. The most enlightening part of the whole experience was when she would ask about certain dates in my life in which big events had taken place. It was INSANE how spot on this was. Seriously Susan, thank you so much for bringing your craft to my attention and for giving me some justification as to why I am the way I am and operate. I can't wait to do this again, it was truly a life changing experience!"
-J.S., Senior Advisor & Student Success Manager


"I had an astrology session with Susan and it was both incredibly insightful and FUN! She has a special way of creating a safe and comfortable space for me to share anything about my life so she can better unpack anything she’s reading on my chart. Susan was able to put words and provide explanations regarding my personality, habits, and needs that may have otherwise gone unexplained. It was was such a relief to be able to say “Ohhhhh THAT’S why I felt that way back in 2017!” or “YES! That is 100% how I feel towards x, y, and z!”!  My astrology “timeline” was accurate with big shifts and events that had occurred in my past which made me all the more confident the future predictions will be accurate as well. Susan was open to any questions, comments, and insights I wanted to dive into. I can’t wait to book another session. If you are already passionate about this type of stuff or are brand new to it, I highly recommend you work with Susan!"
-T.C., COO Digital Brand


"Having an Astrological Session with Susan Choi is a profound experience. She is gifted in taking what can seem really out there and grounding it in reality with astute accuracy. With her keen perception we dug into not only my history but how the charts reflect my current situation. She beautifully held space for an incredibly intimate and cathartic experience . I highly recommend booking a session with Susan so you too can attain this level of clarity."

-Nick Demos, Emmy Award Winning Producer

Frequently Asked Questions

Astrology is neutral just like everything else in life. Meaning, it's not the "thing" that forces the reaction out of us, it is what we ultimately believe deep down that creates our experience.

So if you are spiritual you will perceive astrology as such.

If you aren't spiritual, you may simply see astrology as the correlation between celestial bodies and earthly events. For example, common life experiences such as the "terrible twos" or a mid-life crisis is also correlated to celestial bodies according to each individual person's chart.

Lastly, believe it or not, the ancients used astrology as an opportunity to practice Stoicism in order to create conscious awareness so that one can accept the duality of life with more ease and compassion.

If you could see that certain times in your life were marked as a period of 'surmountable difficulties' or a period of 'ease and opportunities', how would that change the way you are experiencing this moment?

My guess is, you would breathe in a deep sigh of relief because your personalization of this moment would change. You would feel neutrality, acceptance, even amusement.

Astrology can be used to see specific themes in your life and help create the distance you need so that you can use your energy in more resourceful ways without getting off track.

If this is your first time getting acquainted with your birth chart you will walk away with a deeper understanding of who you are, your strengths and gifts, how to work with the areas of your life you have more difficulty around, and even the current timing of your life.

In this session you may feel a sense of relief knowing that there is nothing wrong with you but that you have been participating in a much bigger cycle you may or may not have been aware of.

While everyone is different, most people book sessions once every few months to track the nuances of their life as they evolve and new information and experiences unfold.

After all, how can you possibly discuss a person's life in 60 minutes?

While coaching can be involved in an Astrological Session, most of the time Astrological Sessions are unique in that we specifically focus on understanding your deepest core traits as well as how you may want to work with (or on) these traits throughout different periods in your life.

If Astrological Sessions are about the deep discovery of you, Coaching Sessions are about working on creating the exact change you desire from the information you now have.

For example, if you learn that your astrology indicates you naturally have a tendency to bear to much responsibility and that this can lead to overburdening yourself with stress and worry, Coaching can help you to change your response to stress and worry so that you can live with more ease both in your life and in your relationships.

My astrology practice is based in the Hellenistic tradition using Whole Sign houses. I also blend a psychological approach to reading charts as well.

Teachers include Chris Brennan, Steven Forrest, Debra Silverman, Kelly Surtees, and Austin Coppock.

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