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Hey, I see you.

As a High Performance Stress Management Coach I have helped driven people just like you answer the question, "If I'm so smart, why can't I figure stress out?".

Whether that's crushing it at work again, finally feeling good enough so you can get back to dating, or simply enjoying the life you've already built, I'm here to tell you it's absolutely possible to have it all.

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Your Stress Comes From ONE Place

What every Leader needs to know for lasting success.


It's not our experiences that create our reality, it's our thoughts about our experiences that create our reality.

Hey Beautiful Friend!

Most people think the way to success and making real change in their life is about working HARDER through the stress.

But if that really did work, then everyone who worked hard wouldn't still be stressed!

Stress is actually a beautiful indication of wrong minded thinking. It's our beacon telling us THERE IS ANOTHER WAY!

So don't worry. There's nothing wrong with you, we just need to re-train your brain to think like a truly aligned leader.

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" I feel like I’ve just started to wake up from a 35 year sleepy fog. I’ve started to feel a lightness, joy and sense of presence I haven’t felt...ever. "

Director of Communications

"Working with Susan is like having one big reality check each and every time."

Sales Executive

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