The Ultimate Guide For The Sensitive Executive

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Is Your Sensitivity Holding You Back?

If you're wondering why a SMART person like you can't seem to figure out how to "let go" of the day or even your feelings, and it's causing major stress in your life, then I KNOW you are doing one or more of these things (and don't worry, there IS a solution!):
  • You decide to pick up other people's jobs in order to make sure you hit the deadline and/or remove risk to the project so that you don't have to bother feeling bad.
  • Avoidance is now a big strategy of yours. After all, if you don't see them then you don't have to deal with their emotions right?
  • You zombie out after work and well into the weekend because you think recharging your energy is what you need to get through another week.
  • You have a whole routine, be it affirmations, essential oils, or meditation, but STILL find that you're bracing yourself for that meeting.
What's worse is that all this leads to living a SMALLER life like avoiding social invites or even normal activities like eating out! This is why I created this training. I lay out EXACTLY what is happening and what you need to do in this Video Series just for you. Sign up now!

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CASE STUDY: How One Client Reduced 2 Weeks of Stress Down to 1 Day


"You helped me turn what normally would have taken me two weeks to get over, down to ONE evening. I can't imagine just how much time I'm giving back to my LIFE and my FAMILY!"
C.L., Manager

Here's the thing...

I'm not going to give you a self-care plan and I'm not going to validate your reason to leave your job or even find a new one.


Because those things don't actually make you FEEL BETTER.

If you've ever switched roles or hired/fired new team members then you're probably scratching your head wondering, "I thought this was going to fix things!".

Instead, I'm going to show you a radical new way of taking true control of how you feel.

We know you're more than capable of doing your job well and living a fantastic life. So why aren't we doing THAT?!

If you're ready to fast-track your way to melting your stress and worry faster than ever before, click the button below to submit an application for VIP coaching today!


" I feel like I’ve just started to wake up from a 35 year sleepy fog. I’ve started to feel a lightness, joy and sense of presence I haven’t felt...ever. "

Director of Communications

"Working with Susan is like having one big reality check each and every time."

Sales Executive

"I haven't felt this much peace in my job since 2007. I never knew I could feel this way about my job or an industry that is so demanding. This has been life changing."

Associate Partner

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