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Release Stress 10X Faster With A Proven Method.

I help purpose driven leaders, just like you, finally regain power over stress and worry so that you can show up 110% for your life's work and your most loving relationships.

Unlike many who focus primarily on self-care, I focus on re-training your brain and managing your emotions for NEXT LEVEL SUCCESS.

When we don't learn how to manage our stress, we will start to feel like an imposter, play small at work, slowly lose our confidence, and eventually wonder "maybe this is it..." as we continue to turn to food and wine, and snap at those we love.


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"You helped me turn what normally would have taken me two weeks to get over, down to ONE evening. I can't imagine just how much time I'm giving back to my LIFE and my FAMILY!"

Hey Beautiful Soul! Here's the thing...

I'm not going to give you self-care plan and I'm not going to validate your reason to leave your job or even find a new one.


Because those things don't actually make you FEEL BETTER.

Instead, I'm going to show you what's going on INSIDE your brain and heart so that you can step into being powerful once again, rather than feeling as if you are scrambling to keep everything together and continue struggling in a job you know you're FULLY capable of not to mention continuing to live a lack-luster life!

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" I feel like I’ve just started to wake up from a 35 year sleepy fog. I’ve started to feel a lightness, joy and sense of presence I haven’t felt...ever. "

Director of Communications

"Working with Susan is like having one big reality check each and every time."

Sales Executive

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