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Release Stress 10X FASTER Without Working Harder or Compromising Your Hard Earned Career Masterclass

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3 Reasons Empathic Executives Feel Too Much And How To Fix It FAST! Masterclass

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The 5 Day Stress Cleanse Challenge

Take the 5 Day Stress Cleanse Challenge where you will learn all about:

  • 5 Different Stress Identities In-Depth Review
  • Letting Go Of CONTROL
  • Email & Boundaries
  • Leaders & Feelings
  • The Secret To Resolving The ROOT Of Stress


Listen to 100+ episodes of the Stressproof Podcast where you will learn new concepts and practical tools so that you can go from Stressed Out Success to Stressproof.


Do You Know Your Stress Type?

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"I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I'm NOT crazy and everything makes so much sense now. Thank you!!"

"After trying everything in the book to de-stress, Susan's approach gave me something tangible and progressively easier to apply in my life."

"This was the first weekend that I went to bed without melatonin or advil PM in MONTHS!"

"I just had my second meeting with Susan and I will say... un freakin' believable. I don't know what happened, but wow. I feel like a million bucks."

"During our first session I knew I found a kindred spirit, since she's overcome many of the same challenges. Her intuitive sense of what challenge to explore next and the models we used to uncover hidden mindset traps was so incredibly valuable to me. The biggest change is how equipped and supported I am now to face any fear with practical tools and empowering strategies. I am a different person today than when I began, thanks to Susan's transformational efforts. "

""Working with Susan has helped me take a break from my thoughts and discover an entirely knew way of looking at my stressors. After trying everything in the book to de-stress, Susan's approach gave me something tangible and progressively easier to apply in my life. After just one session with Susan I was able to put space in between my thoughts and create the kind of outcomes I wanted without wasting time trying to control my life and the lives of those around me. By applying the Personalization model to even the smallest things that were bothering me I was able understand the power I have to see the world in a way that lifts my life up instead of holding me back in anger." "


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