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The thing holding you back is you.

Blending hypnotic subconscious work along with concrete cognitive psychology you will begin to transform the way you show up in your life without constantly changing your external world. This is true freedom.


Hey, nice to meet you.

Over the years I've tried it ALL and so have all of my clients.

Nootropics, massages, yoga, sabbaticals, switching jobs, sandy vacations, bubble baths, and even retirement.

Maybe you have to?

But even after all that, on a deeper level, perhaps you're starting to realize something feels missing because when you wake up the next morning you find yourself feeling terrible - AGAIN!

And maybe you're starting to wonder..

"Is something wrong with ME?" or

"If I'm so smart, why can't I figure this out?".

"Why am I always so unhappy and stressed all the time?"

Trust me, NOTHING is wrong with you.




You see, most Stressed Out Successes are unknowingly making the mistake of using their precious time and energy treating the symptoms of stress not realizing the root cause of your stress is NOT that one annoying person, the need to find the perfect role or company, or trying to find the right supplements.


Because if that were really true, then anyone who's gotten rid of that person, found a new company to work for, or found a way to work out and eat healthy every day would never be stressed!

In fact, I'm pretty sure you've seen someone who's moved on to a different company and found themselves stressed with an entirely NEW problem and back to being unhappy.

Why is that?

Because we never thought to address the root cause of stress, and that is the constant negative and worried voice in your head. It's who you've BECOME over years of stress and worry.

And when this voice goes unchaperoned, suddenly we're saying and doing things we immediately regret such as eating another piece of chocolate, snapping at someone we love, or catastrophizing our life all day long.

(Psst, and notice how this very same voice is holding you BACK from making important life decisions, taking risks, or diving even deeper into your most loving relationships!)

And oh boy have I been there!

As a former management consultant working at the top Fortune 100 companies, you would think I had it all.

But no.

The endless mind chatter, the immense pressure to keep it all together, and the never ending negative self talk (which seemed so LOGICAL by the way) was starting to wear me down in a BIG way.

To the point where I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue which took YEARS to recover from!

And it wasn't until I finally understood how to STOP being the person that believed all of the negative and catastrophic thinking (which was leading to indulging in false pleasures such as food, drinks, or escaping via the first flight out on Saturday morning), that I was finally able to start hitting my biggest milestones one by one. I finally felt like my old self again... BETTER even!

We were all taught that stress happens TO US, but no one ever took the time to teach us the truth.

Stress happens BY US.

And until we make a change at an identity level of WHO we are and HOW we actually think, stress will continue to block us from the very life we know deep down we all want to live.

Because let's really think about this.

Is your Future Self, the part of you that's tapped into your FULLEST POTENTIAL, thinking and feeling the way you do RIGHT NOW? 

Absolutely not!

And it's no wonder we aren't living the life that's deep within our hearts!

When we don't address reprogramming our Brain and our Heart for true alignment, the alternative is that we continue to spend our precious time, energy, and money on things that make us feel temporarily better, only to have a new situation rip the band-aid off and reveal the wound all over again.


Are you ready to make the change? Are you ready to finally meet your Future Self? The version of you that is thriving, laughing, aligned, and actually LIVING the life you are dreaming of right now?

Fair warning. I've seen dreams come true once people finally realized they were getting in their own way.

People who took the leap have heard the craziest things...

"You sound so happy!"
"I don't even recognize you!"
"Have you lost weight?"
"Is something going on?"
"Ok what did you do to my best friend?!"

Just remember, living a life you truly love is absolutely possible.

Ready to meet your Future Self faster than ever before?

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"Susan, Thanks so much for your calling and light. I drew courage from our work together to unleash the intuitive healing from within. And I can honestly say I'm more content and peaceful than I've been in a very long time. Thank you for showing the way."

W.F., VP


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