Episode 32: American Ninja Warrior Competitor Hoan Do On Grit & Resilience

Uncategorized Oct 09, 2019

How do you stay focused in moments of panic? Hoan Do sprained his ankle just before a filming of the American Ninja Warrior show, and yet, he made it to city finals. What was the internal dialogue, what goes on inside the mind of a competitor, author, and motivational speaker?

In this podcast, I take a moment to interview Hoan Do and ask him to share how he pushes through moments of stress, what intention and goal setting look like for him, as well as how Hoan found his passion to become an inspirational and motivational speaker for youth.

To learn more about Hoan Do you can find him at:

Instagram: @HoanDoDotCom

Facebook: @HoanDo

Twitter: @HoanDo

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[5:18]: More about Hoan Do: Hoan Do is an award winning inspirational speaker, author, city finalist in NBC’s hit show, American Ninja Warrior, and founder of

[8:04]: The pivotal moment for Hoan that sparked his career as a motivational speaker

[9:52]: How Hoan cultivated grit & resilience through various life experiences

[12:30]: How a peg wall and social media led Hoan to compete on American Ninja Warrior

[14:00]: Hoan’s injury 1 week before the filming and how he made it to city finals despite competing with a sprained ankle, negative self talk and limiting beliefs

[22:16]: Intention setting and what constraining for BEST looks like for Hoan; focusing on what you WANT vs. what you DON’T want

[26:00]: The importance of recognizing what you are willing to give up in order to reach your goal

[31:31]: Understanding your “Why” so that you can navigate the tough moments in life


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