Episode 83: Why Mental Pain is Tolerable

Uncategorized Sep 23, 2020

Unlike physical pain, so many high performers have a much higher tolerability to mental pain. With mental pain, no one can see it, detect it, and unfortunately so many of us discount our very own stress, anxiety, and worries which only leads to even MORE mental pain.

Listen to this week’s episode as I share exactly why mental pain is tolerable, how to know if you’re in mental pain that is preventing you from next level success, as well as identifying the intangible and tangible costs of mental pain on your career and personal life so that you can finally move past this repeating pattern of stressful living.


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(3:55): What mental pain looks like. 

(4:36): Why we have a higher tolerability for mental pain vs. physical pain.

(6:55): Tolerating mental pain. 

(10:35): Stress and the badge of honor. 

(12:00): The intangible and tangible cost of mental pain. 

(13:18): How to identify mental pain in your life. 

(16:13): Why the pandemic is providing the perfect condition to stop temporary relief of mental pain. 

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