Finally! Master Your URGE To Over-Work And Dissolve Your Stress Responses.

You aren't meant to feel stressed all day. Learn how to stop over-working without compromising on your daily results!


Is working too much impacting your life and relationships?

Is working too much a problem for you?

Do you find it hard to wind down at night because your mind is replaying conversations or strategizing how to fix a problem?

Is your over-working interfering with having deep, quality time with the people you love?

Or are you finding it harder to fit in time for the things you want to do such as working out, trying a new hobby, or something as simple as cooking a healthy dinner?


 The REAL Problem


Here's the thing...

WORKING isn't actually the problem.

That's simply the action you take because you feel this highly intense URGE (a mix of stress, anxiety, and worry).

And because most Stressed Out Successes never learned how to manage this urge, the only way to fix this intense feeling is to work it away.

(this may also include eating it or even drinking it away)

But working it away is simply adding fuel to an already out of control fire.

Working isn't the long term solution.

Because if it were, we wouldn't be miserable, feeling pressed for time, gaining weight, and feeling as if we're disconnected from the people we love living HALF the life we really want to be living.


 What You Need To Do

In order to actually NOT feel as if you have to respond to the email or slack, you have to actually work on building your Emotional Allowance.

Most Stressed Out Successes have a very small tolerance for disapproval, rejection, and/or failure.

Because in their mind, feeling any one of these things would immediately strip away all of the hard work and success they've built thus far, AND the thought of what peers would then think about them is absolutely horrifying that they'd rather work it away... at the expense of their own happiness.

But what if you could build your neutrality muscle so that you can see notifications without feeling the intense urge to respond?

How would the quality of your life change by not being consumed with work thoughts when you're snuggling with your partner or planning for your weekend?

The truth is, 99.9999% of this urge is created by unconscious mind drama.


Learn How To Stop Feeling The Urge


I've worked with plenty of Stressed Out Successes that knew deep down, over-working wasn't going to fix how they felt.

In fact, it was keeping them trapped in a cycle of people pleasing out of their own fear and inability to FEEL uncomfortable.

But once these same clients understood how to stop feeling the urge, ironically, that's when they started to see a massive shift in their life.

People started to respect them more.

Requests were honored.

People listened.


Because what they were doing was taking back their power, control, and energy.

Before learning how to manage urges, each time they responded to a notification - they were handing out their control.

Bottom line: working more won't solve how you feel.

If it did, then we'd have a lot more happy people in this world.

And that's why for the month of May I've developed a unique VIP program to help you master your urges so that you can take back your control over how you FEEL and your LIFE.


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We can look back at how much we worked out of fear and lack of control...

Or we can look back and be proud of the choices we made and the life we've built thus far.

Learn how to take back your control.

It's possible.

Let's go.

Susan Choi

Don't Spend Another Year Feeling Stressed

This is the time you've been waiting for. Life is too short to live at the mercy of one fire after another. You are magnificent. You are powerful. Don't deny this of yourself any longer.