Episode 10: How To Deal With Feedback

podcast May 08, 2019

If you dread feedback this is a clear sign of Problem Oriented Thinking! Most people play defense when it comes to feedback during mid-year or end of year reviews. And this doesn’t apply to just work! This same concept I’m about to share applies to your personal life, whether it’s with close friends, family, or even your partner.

Listen to this episode to learn how to leverage FEEDBACK to fuel your life and start making your dreams a reality.

After listening to this episode you’ll learn how to take back control of your life by looking at the RESULTS of your life to guide you toward the right feedback necessary to get what you want.

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[01:17]: Ways to connect with yourself and your thoughts

[02:13]: We hear feedback constantly, even if we aren't aware of it

[03:23]: How our mindset affects the way we receive feedback

[04:40]: Understanding the feedback process to get the results you want

[06:00]: How to change your story

[07:25]: Why we focus on negative feedback vs. positive feedback

[08:30]: Finding the core message in feedback

[09:41]: How to objectively receive feedback by looking at the results in your life

[12:05]: The importance of playing at the causal level to get what you want in life

[13:19]: Announcement: free guide to understanding Personalization, and watch me coach the Personalization Model


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