Episode 100: Why Your Problem Is NOT The Problem

podcast Jan 20, 2021

Most Stressed Out Successes believe that if the problem just went away THEN their stress will go away too, and then everything will go back to normal.

Unfortunately, if you’ve been operating under this model, then you’re probably still stressed, handling one problem after another, and wondering if maybe...

... this is what life is SUPPOSED to feel like.


The only reason why life seems that way right now is because you're presupposing that problems automatically equal something negative.

In this episode we’re going to be talking about why your problem is NOT the problem, and how believing this is actually keeping you stuck and feeling miserable.

Listen as we look at what is actually contributing to so much unnecessary stress as we continue to make problems a “bad” thing, and learn how to become a good PROBLEM SOLVER instead so that you can actually STOP repeating your life and start experiencing that next level instead.


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In This Episode You’ll Hear:

  • The types of problems that exist
  • The biggest reason why we feel stuck and miserable when it comes to overcoming our problems
  • How Personalization has everything to do with “problems”
  • Why problems being subjective is a GOOD thing
  • Telling ourselves the truth about our problems and how to do that
  • How to approach problems as a problem solver
  • And much more!

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