Episode 101: Wanting vs. Deciding

podcast Jan 27, 2021

If you still have that goal that seems to elude you every single year, and just thinking about it stresses you out... You are probably stuck between the WANTING of this goal and the DECIDING of it.

When we are stuck in the wanting of something, inevitably the reason why we haven’t realized our goal is because, unconsciously, we are also in the NOT wanting of our deepest desire. There are hidden thoughts and fears that are keeping us from truly going all in, and yet we still WANT our desire but that’s all it ever is - a WANT.

Listen to this episode as I share the difference in the energies between wanting our desire and having already decided it is done.

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In This Episode You’ll Hear:

  • Why most stressed out successes can’t reach their goals with ease
  • Why wanting your deepest desire isn’t enough
  • How most stressed out successes THINK that keep them stuck
  • The unconscious behavior that prevents every stressed out success from deciding the goal is already done
  • What deciding looks like and why we must spend more time here
  • And much more!

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