Episode 11: Listener Q&A and Living Stress Free

podcast May 15, 2019

Have you ever cried at work? Wonder why this happens and how you can stop it? This episode is a special Listener Q&A where I answer YOUR questions!

We’ll discuss what it takes to maintain control of your emotions while at work, and whether or not it’s possible to truly live a stress free life.

Concepts discussed include the Polarity of Life, Middle School, and why it's important to do hard things.

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[1:23]: Austin recommendations?

[2:24]: Fill out the contact form at to get your questions answered in a future episode!

[3:01]: Listener Q&A on crying at work

[3:46]: How our work is a part of our identity

[4:26]: Addressing the root cause of heightened emotions

[5:40]: Potential hidden assumptions that may cause crying at work

[6:38]: Specific thoughts cause how we feel, subconscious or conscious

[7:20]: Download a visual example of Personalization and start thinking better thoughts at

[8:23]: How resistance perpetuates your current circumstance and keeps you stuck in Problem Oriented Thinking

[10:13]: How long does it take to identify an emotion?

[12:16]: “How do you live a stress free life as a stress management coach?”

[13:31]: The polarity of our life

[15:30]: Why “negative” is NOT bad

[17:00]: Recap of Middle School (coaching concept)

[18:08]: Executive Senior Leadership Team Presentation example

[20:10]: Stress as a natural part of our life

[21:21]: Using stress as ag guidance system


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