Episode 12: What's Wrong With Me?

podcast May 22, 2019

If you’ve EVER asked yourself, “What’s WRONG with me?” then this episode is just for you. So many people blame themselves or believe there must be something wrong if we feel something negative, especially over a period of time that seems “unreasonable”.

But what often happens is we begin to start a new cycle of suffering by feeling bad ABOUT feeling bad!

In this podcast, we will be discussing the law of polarity, why our brains are wired to seek negative emotions, what question to ask yourself to bust through the negative cycle, and how to ease into a negative emotion so you can start feeling better.

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[2:44]: The Yin and Yang of life and the Law of Polarity

[3:39]: The question everyone asks themselves, “what’s wrong with me?”. Why is this feeling still here? Why am I the only one that suffers this long?

[4:50]: Our brains are wired to seek and amplify negative experiences

[6:40]: What happens when we resist an emotion? Emotions as ticking time bombs

[7:55]: What causes us to feel even MORE sadness, anxiousness, stress, and overwhelm?

[10:08]: THE question to ask yourself when you DO feel uncomfortable emotions

[12:40]: Leaning into sadness and other uncomfortable emotions


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