Episode 128: STOP Journaling, Do THIS Instead!

podcast Nov 03, 2021

For years, I journaled on the same four issues: weight, love, jobs, and friendships. Then I realized it wasn’t about the specific problem, it was all of the TYPE OF THOUGHTS I was thinking that kept me stuck IN the problem with no resolution.

Journaling doesn’t solve your problems, at least not the conventional method of how we’ve approached journaling thus far.

Sure, it helps us to feel momentary relief but does the problem ever go away?

Typically not because conventional journaling only reinforces WHY it’s a problem in the first place!

In this episode, I’m going to breakdown two ways in which you can begin to see the type of thoughts that are actually CREATING the problem and how you can begin to identify the solution instead of re-writing the same stressful situation over and over again.

Let’s solve our problems at a root causal level so that we can start living a more optimal life.

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[1:00]: Real words from a real client, “"Working with Susan has helped me take a break from my thoughts and discover an entirely knew way of looking at my stressors. After trying everything in the book to de-stress, Susan's approach gave me something tangible and progressively easier to apply in my life. After just one session with Susan I was able to put space in between my thoughts and create the kind of outcomes I wanted without wasting time trying to control my life and the lives of those around me. By applying the Personalization model to even the smallest things that were bothering me I was able understand the power I have to see the world in a way that lifts my life up instead of holding me back in anger."

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[3:29]: Why I stopped journaling years ago

[5:35]: How journaling reinforces the narrative of the “negative” situation

[8:37]: Instead of journaling, write out each thought you have on a single line; one thought, one line, so that you can physically SEE the type of thoughts that are looping in your mind over and over again

[10:00]: The two reasons why taking mental inventory of our thoughts is better than the typical journaling approach

[12:12]: Why learning how to think better thoughts is crucial to living a quality life

[12:55]: How to take mental inventory of the type of thoughts you have with this one simple practice

[13:42]: The intention behind both approaches is to notice what type of thoughts you have and observe them, not engage or judge, but to simply observe

[15:55]: The same mind that created the problem, does not hold the solution you seek


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