Episode 13: How To Get The Best Years Of Your Life Back

podcast May 29, 2019

Why does reminiscing about the past make you feel worse and how can you re-create “the best” moments so that we are living our best years now and forever more? In this episode of STRESSPROOF we deconstruct the idea of “the best years of our life” as well as learn more about how our brains our wired when it comes to memory.

Is our memory accurate? Can we create memories? And how can we replace meaning on certain memories?

All of these questions are answered in this week’s podcast so that you can leverage how memory works to create more meaningful life experiences.

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[1:30]: Deconstructing “the best years of our life”

[2:10]: Why the past doesn’t exist and how we change our past all the time

[4:00]: Humans tend to selectively focus on primary moments

[4:45]: Research study on memory fabrication

[7:11]: Our subconscious does not know the difference between reality and imagination

[8:08]: There is no correlation between confidence in memory vs. accuracy of memory

[9:45]: How we bring past pain into the present

[12:50]: How can we leverage our knowledge of how memory works to create exciting moments?


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