Episode 14: Elizabeth Polito on Stress, Death, and Healing

podcast Jun 05, 2019

Hey beautiful people, as you all know I bring guests on from various backgrounds so we can learn from other people’s experience with stress and the journey it led them towards. Today’s podcast features none other than Elizabeth Polito, a former Broadway performer turned Wholistic Healer and Higher Awareness Coach.

We didn’t expect this to happen but there IS a theme for this podcast episode and it is around Elizabeth’s connection to grief and loss. She mentions losing important people in her life several times in this episode and how the stress of this brought her to discover a new part of herself, which led her to a completely different career path and ultimately a new perspective in which she views life.

Learn how dance and movement has been a primary source of processing stress and other uncomfortable emotions as well as how energy practices have helped Elizabeth heal from loss.

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[3:40]: Elizabeth’s former career in dance and Broadway

[7:00]: How Elizabeth overcame objections and doubters on her dreams

[12:30]: Listening to your calling

[14:00]: Expressing emotion and energy through movement and dance

[15:41]: How can we feel more comfortable in our own skin and be truly vulnerable?

[20:00]: Vulnerability and other people’s judgement

[22:45]: Tension headaches as Elizabeth’s first physical sign of stress in grade school

[26:00]: Waking up - Losing control with a panic attack as a dancer and performer

[29:38]: Distracting from stress as an unconscious habit through eating, social media, drinking, etc.

[30:58]: How death led Elizabeth to a new career

[33:00]: Lifting the veil of the illusion and gaining clarity on a new life direction

[36:15]: How to make sense of death

[39:00]: Attaching our self worth to something outside of us

[40:49]: The power of our thoughts and the tapes we play in our head

[44:37]: Elizabeth’s experience with helping her Mother in Law transition and Lou Gehrig's disease

[46:45]: Constantly searching for the opportunity as a mindset practice

[50:37]: Elizabeth’s first experience with yoga as a healing practice

[57:44]: Yoga Nidra – Conscious Deep Relaxation / Yogic Sleep

[1:03:39]: How Elizabeth currently de-stresses through conscious breath work and movement

[1:09:48]: Our life is based on cycles and so should our de-stressing practices

[1:11:00]: What would Elizabeth say to stress?

[1:16:04]: Yoga Nidra Meditation


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