Episode 15: Decision Making & Emotional Responsibility

podcast Jun 12, 2019

If you’re currently struggling with making a decision this episode is for YOU! Oftentimes the underlying reason why we can’t make a decision is because we fear WHO we will have to become and WHAT we will need to do in order to make this dream a reality; and what most of us end up doing is we delay our lives because of this fear.

Listen as I explain and dig deeper into why decision making is so hard and what we can do about it so that we can start living the life we KNOW DEEP DOWN we truly want to live.

Some key questions you can start asking yourself to help you come closer to decision making include:

  • What are you so scared of on the other side of this decision?
  • What will force you to do?
  • Who will it force you to become?
  • How will it force you to feel?

We’ll also talk about what it means to take Emotional Responsibility for our lives and why taking Emotional Responsibility can unlock true confidence in every area of our lives.

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[2:50]: Are you scared of success? The stress of what success might bring?

[4:20]: How we experience low level, chronic stress from needing to make several decisions in our lives

[5:55]: Delaying decision making for weeks, months, and years because of this ONE thing

[8:08]: When we doubt and delay decision making we are telling ourselves we are not confident in our own capabilities

[9:22]: Once we make a decision (or not) we must take Emotional Responsibility

[11:00]:  How we repeat last year all over again

[11:55]: How we confuse ourselves once we make a decision and blame something or someone for how we feel (i.e., the company policies, the manager, the co-worker).

[12:46]: Our brains love to blame the new external circumstance

[14:00]: How not taking Emotional Responsibility leaves us in a passive aggressive state and leaves us repeating negative emotions even in new circumstances

[15:55]: Thinking as if you must make a decision work

[17:08]: Why thought work is the gateway to taking Emotional Responsibility

[19:07]: Questions to ask yourself to help you make a decision

[20:28]: Play to win, and don’t play not to lose  


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