Episode 17: How To Get Unstuck From Our Problems

podcast Jun 26, 2019

The actual words we use can keep our brain STUCK in a problem! And in this podcast we’re breaking down the concept of Nominalization (how we turn a process into a definitive STATE).

When we continue use words that keep problems “broad”, we don’t allow ourselves to see the solution because the problem is now fixed in our minds.

It becomes a fact of our life.

It just IS.

And this is how we get stuck in Problem Oriented Thinking vs. training our brain to be more Solution Oriented.

Learn how we can break down language and ask better questions so that we fine tune our self-awareness and prevent unnecessary stress and suffering in our every day lives.

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[0:46]: I revisited the past and was met with JOY. Here’s how

[2:46]: July is booked! Now accepting coaching applications for mid-August. Head on over to to apply today!

[4:36]: How we explain our problems as static and firm leaving no room for Solution Oriented Thinking

[5:23]: Nominalization – when we turn verbs into nouns

[6:28]: “I’m stressed out” as an example of how we create this problem STATE vs. a process to be solved

[8:08]: Focusing on the STATE of the problem is merely addressing the band aid

[9:24]: “My relationships at work are preventing me from doing a good job at work” example

[10:50]: Finding common definitions of words from different interpretations we place (i.e., love)

[12:30]: How using “broad” language keeps our brain stuck

[13:39]: We are ALWAYS in a “state”, so what can we do about it?


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