Episode 18: Redeciding

podcast Jul 03, 2019

When we feel duty or obligation to someone or something in our life, oftentimes that comes from a different energy state of “HAVING” to do something versus owning the fact that we have created this circumstance in our life.

We dismiss the fact that we can choose differently, if we so choose, and this new concept in today’s podcast is going to help you to stop living from a place of victim mentality, but rather start creating your life again from a place of personal power.

Learn how Redeciding can act as a catalyst for true personal freedom, joy, and ultimate peace in your life.

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[1:26]: Get more control and power over your day by implementing this new concept of Redeciding

[2:15]: Take time to think of specific examples in your day where things or people seem like an obligation so you can apply this them throughout this podcast

[2:39]: Our thoughts are recycled repeatedly which dictate the smallest actions we take throughout the day

[3:35]: Many people live their life from a HAVE to or that life is happening TO you which keeps us in a stuck state

[5:10]: How we live from an “old” yes and maintain homeostatis

[6:20]: Redeciding forces us to face the truth of our life and ask ourselves, “why am I NOT choosing differently?”

[8:10]: How redeciding gives us greater peace and joy (relationship example)

[9:28]: Difficult family member example and how redeciding can help relieve unnecessary stress and suffering

[10:45]: How consciously redeciding removes the obligation or duty of having to be in certain relationships or circumstances

[11:40]: Redeciding does not mean life gets easier, but it means you are now creating and owning your life experience


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