Episode 19: Feeling Emotionally Breakable

podcast Jul 10, 2019

If you’ve ever avoided relationships, career progression, or deepening certain life experiences because you are too afraid to feel certain emotions, then this episode is for you. In this podcast we break down what it means to feel Emotionally Breakable and learn specifically what it takes to overcome this fear.

Once we understand it is a process of transforming emotions as well as thinking specific thoughts, you will be able to build an emotionally resilient reservoir you can tap into at any time.

Suddenly, the overwhelming grip you felt toward certain life experiences will loosen it’s hold and you will be met, instead, with an unlimited source of personal power and freedom to run toward your ultimate desires.

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[1:01]: What does it mean to feel Emotionally Breakable?

[2:17]: Explaining the Fragile Glass Vase; when you’re too afraid to feel something and begin to avoid certain life experiences

[4:48]: Why you’re not alone and why this is a normal experience

[5:45]: The main reason why we feel emotionally breakable is because you think and feel as if you can’t handle a specific emotion(s)

[6:48]: Learning Brain Management and Emotional Management gives you the opportunity to engage with life FULLY

[7:15]: Examples of situations we avoid (social events, intimate relationships, career opportunities, etc.)

[9:24]: Step One: Understanding the process of an emotion; transforming emotions to discharge

[11:33]: Make sure you listen to “How To Feel Better” on Stressproof for more on emotions

[13:24]: Step Two: Brain Management; First step is to understand all of your thoughts that lead you up to the event (i.e., life experience); Second step is to understand and manage all of your thoughts about the emotions you are experiencing

[14:15]: When your thoughts don’t change you will never take different action

[15:19]: Sample thoughts of the thoughts you need to think in order to step into relationships

[16:18]: Exercise to help you understand your thoughts

[17:19]: How to manage all of your thoughts ABOUT the difficult emotion


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