Episode 20: Introducing My Greatest Teacher

podcast Jul 17, 2019

Today I have the greatest honor of introducing one of my greatest teachers and the biggest lesson I learned.

If you easily get angry, or someone at work particularly bothers you, or perhaps you’re tired of constantly solving a new problem in your life, then you don’t want to miss this episode!

Learn why embracing your problems as your new “edge” is pivotal to your own growth and transformation. It will completely change how you think about problems forever!

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[2:38]: My greatest teacher is always pointing out how **I** am the problem and never reality

[3:09]: What we SEE is the problem is a directly reflection of something internal (thoughts & beliefs)

[5:10]: How an angry moment stopped time and allowed me to learn one of the biggest lessons of my life

[6:15]: The reason why we are mad at someone or something is because we don’t see it as neutral

[7:20]: Victim mentality mindset – living as if life is happening TO us

[8:15]: Hard things will continue to happen until it becomes easy, until you have transformed

[10:00]: Who or what in your life has become a negative pattern for you?

[11:11]: Each time we transform we come up against our new EDGE. Edges are GOOD.


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