Episode 21: How I REALLY Recovered From Adrenal Fatigue And Severe Burnout

podcast Jul 24, 2019

By popular request, I am sharing how I REALLY recovered from adrenal fatigue and severe burnout. No, it wasn’t a magic pill or an auspicious guru…. It was simply a question I asked myself that changed my entire life and how I started to truly live.

If you’re suffering from burnout or adrenal fatigue, you don’t want to miss this podcast! Get clarity on how your focus of resolving this problem is actually draining you of your finite energy, time, and resources. Learn instead how to find peace and joy in every moment which will help kick start your mental health journey.

*Disclaimer: All information, content, and material of this podcast is for informational purposes only and are not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider.

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[1:11]: Why it took me years to recover from burnout and adrenal fatigue (treating the effects vs. cause)

[2:07]: The day when I asked myself the question that would change my life

[3:58]: How I had been applying the Personalization model to feeling and thinking better. Grab your free PDF guide at

[6:45]: Why we can’t outsmart our system to feeling better and why your identity is the starting point

[8:25]: The average human thinks 60,000 thoughts a day and we repeat 95% of those thoughts daily

[9:47]: We start the process of shifting our identity with self awareness first

[11:15]: Peace is available at any moment


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