Episode 22: Why You're ALWAYS Right, Even When You're Wrong

podcast Jul 31, 2019

If you’ve ever said, “SEE!” whenever you find evidence of why you’re right or to prove a point you just made… then you have to listen to this week’s podcast.

Find out whether or not the evidence you are seeing is actually a form of self sabotage.

Your brain, particularly the Reticular Activating System, will always seek to find and serve evidence based on your deeply seeded beliefs and how you present the problem at hand.

In this case, the QUALITY of how you present the question or problem statement does not matter, but it should if you want QUALITY answers and evidence to help direct your life toward the results you ultimately desire.

Once you listen to this podcast, you will understand the importance of framing questions and problems so that you can start seeing what you actually want to see.

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[0:40]: Vacation update from the Big Island! Trail tips: Waipio Valley & Pololu Valley

[3:48]: Why is it when you think about something you see it EVERYWHERE? I.e., shopping for a car and suddenly you see it everywhere

[4:49]: Introducing the Reticular Activating System, the ultimate filtration system

[5:44]: Our brains are like a 7 year old… with a puzzle. It’s always working to solve a problem; which problem are you giving your brain to solve?

[6:38]: Annoying co-workers and demanding bosses… is it true? Or is it your brain?

[7:45]: How can we ensure we are being served evidence that would ultimately lead us to the result of our life we ultimately desire?

[9:52]: 5 Regrets of the Dying

[10:30]: Your brain is working for you all the time; whether it is a problem or your deeply rooted beliefs

[12:40]: Priming your brain for the day with intentions

[13:01]: Examples of questions to pose for your brain


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