Episode 23: How To Deal With Boredom

podcast Aug 07, 2019

If you find yourself bored and wonder to yourself whether or not you’re really leading a meaningful life, then this episode is for YOU. Most people literally try to fill the void once boredom hits; this may look like finding something to eat, ordering the extra drink, or incessantly scrolling Instagram.

But what is boredom really saying? What are you making boredom mean? Is boredom a bad thing?

Find out the answers to all of this and discover how we can use boredom to discover the TRUTH of our lives so that we can lead a meaningful life full of connection, joy, and peace.

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[0.40]: Recurring nightmares, college vs. real life, & imposter syndrome

[3:05]: Sign up for a complimentary Strategy Session for a limited time! Fall spots now available.

[3:58]: What is your automatic behavior to boredom?

[4:55]: Boredom is an emotional state. All feelings are a result of a specific thought you are having.

[6:18]: Ask yourself this very important question to understand what boredom means to you, especially if your typical behavior is to automatically fill the void with food, drink, or external stimulation.

[8:43]: Boredom is a stealth emotion that doesn’t get as much air time but when unnoticed, creates bigger problems in our lives.

[9:25]: Boredom and neural pathways.

[10:25]: How can we be with boredom in a productive way that actually SERVES you?

[12.22]: Do not let boredom take you away from the TRUTH of your life; plus examples of what that might look like.


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