Episode 24: How We Self Sabotage Our Happiness

podcast Aug 14, 2019

Why is it that we feel a pit in our stomach when something GOOD happens in our life? Or where do the barrage of negative thoughts suddenly come from when we win an award at work, or when our Director acknowledges our efforts, or when we finally reach a sense of stability in our life?

Two words: Upper Limit.

When we do not recognize our Upper Limit, most people engage in self sabotaging behavior which often looks like binging, overdrinking, overworking, or retreating back to thinking negative thoughts about our life.

Learn why processing an emotion such as happiness is crucial to moving past your Upper Limit and why leaning into these types of situations will create room for more rewarding experiences, joy, and the motivation to go after those desirable challenges that get you incredible results in your life.

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[0:42]: It’s ok not to feel ok

[1:39]: Intellectually we wouldn’t sabotage our own happiness, but we operate from a subconscious level 95% of the time

[2:20]: Many of us understand sabatoging behavior when it is expected such as anxiety, depression, or overwhelm

[3:46]: Have you ever received good news and suddenly felt a pit in your stomach?

[5:12]: When we don’t know how to process happiness (yes, even the positive emotions), that is when we self sabotage ourselves

[6:00]: Every single one of us have an Upper Limit; it is our baseline level of comfort and happiness and can be difficult to move beyond our normal levels

[7:30]: What can we do when everything is going well? When we’re on top of the world at work? How can we stop ourselves from grabbing the chips and negative thoughts that suddenly pop up?

[9:02]: Describing the QUALITY of our emotions invite us to step into our body and process emotion

[10:26]: Are you the type of person that automatically thinks negative thoughts when something good happens in your life? How to deal with those negative thoughts.

[11:26]: How and why judging your thoughts creates validity and takes on a life of it’s own

[13:00]: Happiness needs it’s own moment, just like grief, stress, and other “negative” emotions


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