Episode 26: Constraining For The Gold Standard

podcast Aug 28, 2019

In this episode we’re learning how to SIMPLIFY your life using this one concept of Constraining for the Gold Standard.

When you identify the Gold Standard in five crucial areas of your life (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, and Financial), suddenly your time has somewhere to go; suddenly the time it takes to make a decision is nominal because the decisions is already made for you!

Discover how applying this one concept in each area of your life will help you achieve your goals faster without the unnecessary stress!

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[0.42]: Update from San Francisco & Costa Mesa and the importance of deep connections

[3:20]: STRESSPROOF is now a Top 100 Podcast on Apple Podcasts in Mental Health!

[5:20]: Recap of Achievement Addiction Episode #25

[6:50]: Understanding the concept of a Constraint and why we shy away from Constraints

[9:17]: In order for Constraints to work you must identify your most compelling desire, whether that’s a more confident you, a more abundant you, a more thinner you, or a more athletic you. Can you imagine a more compelling future that would make your PRESENT more uncomfortable than the obstacles you would need to face in order to get to FUTURE you?

[11:58]: Additional examples of how a compelling desire presents itself in every day life

[13:00]: Constraining for the Gold Standard; a concept that helps apply every day constraints through a positive lens so that we can reach out goals faster with less stress

[16:03]: How Constraining for the Gold Standard simplifies your life and cuts down on every day decision making

[17:00]: Live exercise of identifying the Gold Standard in five crucial areas of our life: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Financial

[18:50]: How this concept allows you to put yourself first 100% of the time


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