Episode 27: 5 Clear Signs You Need A Coach

podcast Sep 04, 2019

We’re going to take a good look at what separates those that fast track their way to success and how these people are taking a completely different approach to their personal goals and successes.

Because if you ask any successful person whom you admire whether they’ve worked with a coach, the answer will likely be a resounding YES. In fact, several yesses.

If you’re not seeing any wins, have remained stagnant in a certain area of your life, or repeatedly ask yourself, “Why can’t I figure this out?”, then make sure you listen to this week’s episode of Stressproof. This just may be the sign you were looking for!

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[0.40]: Why some people make IMMENSE progress in their lives and others don’t

[1:47]: New program announcement coming in 2020 – Stress & Weight Loss

[3:27]: How do you know if you need to hire a coach? What is the catalyst for those that hired a coach?

[4:25]: How coaching has changed my life

[6:27]: It is human nature to desire something for our future and it is unique to each individual. The good news is that someone out there is one step ahead of you and can teach you how to get there faster

[7:37]: Sign #1 – You value your time

[8:38]: Tim Urban of Wait But Why – The Tail End

[12:18]: Sign #2 – You value your happiness

[15:01]: Sign #3 – You don’t want to repeat last year

[16:49]: To be human is to have limitless potential, which means our desires our endless but we will never recognize certain desires if we simply repeat last year over and over again

[17:45]: The cost of stress

[18:42]: Every decision comes at a cost, even indecision

[20:23]: Sign #4 – You trust yourself to have your own back

[21:07]: Many people feel doubt and worry about whether or not they truly have it within them to make it work, even WITH the solution

[22:51]: Sign #5 – You’re willing to overcome obstacles in order to remove yourself from your current pain

[23:58]: The irony of waiting until our current pain becomes unbearable is that it ends up costing more time, money, and energy to fix the problem

[26:36]: Personal example of discovering and trying to heal adrenal fatigue when it was too late


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