Episode 28: Listener Q&A: Overwhelm, Expectations, And Unreasonable Bosses

podcast Sep 11, 2019

Dealing with overwhelm and managing expectations at a new job DOESN’T have to be hard. In fact, WE are the ones that make something so simple… complicated!

Listen in as I read questions from our listeners and give you my thoughts on what is actually happening in each situation, from managing a new job to managing a team at a startup.

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[2:00]: Listener Q&A from Megan; How can I prevent overwhelm and manage expectations in my new company when I want to give a good first impression? How can I professionally say “no”.

[3:50]: Three part answer to “preventing overwhelm”. 1) Notice how your brain wants to go to the PAST.

[5:40]: The human brain thinks 95% of the same thoughts today as yesterday.

[6:30]: Second, when we want to “prevent” overwhelm from a job, it presupposes our overwhelm comes from the job, and not within ourselves.

[7:35]: Third, (concept) separating the overpowering from the thought or feeling.

[9:15]: Managing expectations is an ACTION, which means we get a choice in how we get to feel about managing expectations such as fear vs. determination.

[11:30]: How to “professionally” say no; professional is subjective.

[12:53]: Listener Q&A #2; How do I manage the growing stress of having to lead a team at a startup in a fast-paced environment and work with my boss.

[13:35]: Dissecting where stress is truly coming from in this situation.

[15:03]: Living as the Cause of your own life means we can generate the emotions we want to feel without relying on others.

[16:28]: Why we resist our reality.

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