Episode 29: Emotions vs. Emotional Drama

podcast Sep 18, 2019

Why is it that one person can be annoyed and get back to their work, and another can’t seem to stop sharing their story to anyone that will listen?

It’s called Emotional Drama.

There are two ways we experience emotions – through the BODY and through the MIND.

One creates more drama and unnecessary stress, while the other simply allows the emotion to be a guidance system.

The good news is, once we cultivate enough self-awareness to tune into when we engage in Emotional Drama, we can take a step back to fully process emotion so that we don’t take action on anything we may regret.

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[0.53]: #LarchMadness and fall in the Pacific Northwest

[3:10]: Why is it that one person can experience emotions, and another experiences emotional drama?

[3:38]: Emotions are emotions experienced by the body; Emotional Drama is emotions as experienced by the mind

[5:30]: It’s OK to feel your feelings. Emotions are a privilege to experience as a human being

[7:15]: Emotions are derived from an internal belief system

[8:16]: A good question to ask ourselves before taking action is, “Are we acting from a “clean” place?”

[10:05]: Our mind constantly seek to derive meaning from everything

[10:12]: Download the Personalization Guide at

[10:50]: When we can feel the feeling without meaning, we are able to drop the narrative

[13:30]: Emotions vs. Emotional Drama example with an argument between parent and child

[17:20]: When reacting from Emotional Drama there is a higher margin of error and regret


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