Episode 31: Success Labels

podcast Oct 02, 2019

Success Labels… we all have them but this ONE thing determines whether or not Success causes you stress or gives you momentum.

If you’ve ever been known for that special skill you have, or the one personality trait people admire over and over again… then listen to this podcast episode where we break down the difference between OWNING a Success Label vs. BEING SERVANT to a Success Label.

Your inherent worth will never be found in the Success Label itself, and the key to owning a Success Label is a process of auditing your thoughts and learning how to clean up your thinking instead.

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[6:20]: What is a Success Label? How do we cause our own stress and pain when it comes to our own success?

[7:35]: What is YOUR Success Label? What are you naturally skilled at? Tag @susanchoiwellness on Instagram and let us know!

[8:32]: Example of sneaky thoughts at work around Success Labels during a Coaching call

[9:44]: When we attach or overidentify ourselves to a certain Success Label, what we are saying on a subconscious level is we are also NOT (insert emotion) without it

[11:05]: The stress of upholding and maintaining certain Success Labels is a direct result of confusing the Success Label with our thoughts

[12:02]: Why Success Labels do not automatically equal worth or respect, and what truly does

[14:00]: How Success Labels are similar to real life intimate relationships


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