Episode 33: Perfectionism, Mediocrity, & Human Potential

podcast Oct 16, 2019

Perhaps you’ve moved past perfectionism but did you know that there are other levels of perfectionism that still might be holding you back?

I see this time and time again in high level performers who, intellectually, understands that perfection doesn’t exist, and yet they still hold themselves to their own individual standard or expectation of how their life should look like. In other words, perfectionism.

In this episode I’m going to teach how any level of perfectionism is truly just a mental construct that we hold ourselves prisoners to, and how essentially we end up living a mediocre life.

Learn why it’s critically important why we need to identify every level of perfectionism so that we can go about our business in discovering our true human potential.

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[4:20]: What is Perfectionism? And the ONE concept you need to understand in order to breakthrough Perfectionism.

[5:55]: Perfectionism starts with a thought, our own thought and our thoughts about other people’s thoughts

[7:05]: Other sneaky forms of Perfectionism: the refusal to accept any standard short of the individual’s expectations

[9:45]: Perfectionism as actually a form of Mediocrity; we end up settling for good, for ordinary

[11:09]: On some level when we continue with our perfectionist ways, we are saying this is good enough, this is the best I can do

[11:35]: Why perfectionism is not the point and why human potential is where we should focus our attention on

[13:52]: Why it does not serve us to uphold ourselves to an idea of perfectionism, at ANY level

[15:05]: What if you believed what you truly wanted was out there? How would your life look different today?


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