Episode 35: Sensitivity

podcast Oct 30, 2019

Most sensitive people live AROUND life and in today’s podcast I want to teach you how to shift from the apprehensive sensitive person to the unstoppable and limitless sensitive person.

What if I told you that it wasn’t the person, the energy, or the noises that ultimately made you feel bad? What if you could find a way to be in complete control of your emotions no matter where you are or who you’re with?

Discover exactly how to take control over your own mind and emotions so that you can engage with ALL of what life has to offer without feeling apprehensive, scared, or doubtful.

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[4:01]: Do you consider yourself a sensitive person? Can you feel into other people’s emotional state? Are you highly intuitive? Do people consider you an empathetic leader?

[6:00]: Characteristics of an empath or highly sensitive person

[7:20]: Most information regarding sensitivity presupposes that your quality of life is dependent on outside circumstances, which results in controlling behavior that leaves us drained and stressed from the outside world  

[8:55]: Ultimately how you feel is created by YOU, a very specific thought you are thinking in that moment whether you know it or not

[9:56]: Example of a someone receiving feedback at work

[13:16]: Prior to Personalization, most people live at the EFFECT of the world and live AROUND life trying to avoid certain situations and people

[14:00]: The way you Personalize and interpret the world will generate stress or peace. To grab your free training on Personalization you can get started today by heading to

[16:15]: In order to start living as the CAUSE of our life we must train ourselves to see life through the eyes of a historian and see the FACTS first

[20:28]: Our happiness and well being is 100% our responsibility and other people’s happiness is 100% their individual responsibility due to Personalization

[22:32]: Preferences vs. Avoiding as a sensitive person

[24:06]: The benefits and gifts of being a sensitive person


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