Episode 36: Before & After with Susan Choi

podcast Nov 06, 2019

Everyone would tell you that I had the perfect life, but on the inside I felt broken.

In this episode I share with you my Before & After of how this property of work around Brain & Emotional Management has not only changed my life, but the life of many others.

From breaking through bouts of depression, PMDD, binging, and eventual burnout and adrenal fatigue, I finally realized that no matter how much you change your outside world… you bring all of your old thoughts with you.

Until we learn how to think better thoughts and feel every single emotion, we will always be running away from our life, instead of experiencing the TRUTH of our life.

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(6:34) My biggest vision for you is that you will never have to ask yourself, “what’s wrong with me?”

(8:20) What I thought the problem was and why I spent so much time trying to be more interesting, finding the right job, the right relationship, and losing the last 8 pounds.

(9:42) The realization that we take our brains and old thoughts with us wherever we go and whomever we’re with

(11:40) A moment of desperation in the driveway because of binge eating and the REAL reason behind binging

(12:24) Feeling BAD is a real skill set

(15:38) The two biggest assets any human can cultivate is our brain and how we think, and our body and how we process emotions

(17:18) Why “overing” is not the answer and leads to binging, over-drinking, and escapism

(19:43) My life now

(21:44) Why emotions are beautiful and how we can use emotions to achieve our dreams

(24:06) Waiting for the perfect moment in life and why perfect is boring

(28:33) If you had 10x MORE confidence than you had right now, what would you do in the next two months to make this year truly EPIC?


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