Episode 37: Upcycling Stress

podcast Nov 13, 2019

What if I told you that stress was created FOR you BY you, because somewhere deep down you believe it would help you? And what if I told you that your emotions, even stress, always has a positive intent?

In this episode I’m sharing with you a concept called Upcycling, and when we get skilled at applying this concept to our difficult emotions, we begin to transform what we believed to be negative experience into an opportunity to dive EVEN DEEPER into ourselves so that instead of experiencing stress the way we normally do… we begin to cultivate expansion, peace, and love.

Examples used in this podcast range from why we don’t go for the promotion, why it’s so hard to lose the last 8-10 pounds, and why you may still be single.

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(5:58): What is the traditional definition of Upcycling?

(6:55): Emotions are vibrations in our body. Every emotion has a positive intent, even stress.

(8:16): The purpose behind the Emotional Release Method is two fold. 1. Process any and every emotion in a healthy way 2. Understand the positive intent behind the emotion as felt by the client.

(9:07): How the majority of people handle stress currently.

(11:06): How can an emotion like stress have a positive intent when our actions and behaviors don’t reflect the result that we ultimately want?

(11:42): The human subconscious always has a positive intent. Every thought and feeling has a positive intent.

(13:41): The problem is never your behavior or your emotions. Your behavior and emotions only reflect back what you fundamentally believe deep down.

(14:16): Examples of beliefs that drive “unwanted” behavior or emotions but in actuality is a positive intent because of what you believe.

(15:30): When we apply the concept of Upcycling, we begin to practice the awareness of trying to identify the lesson and insight as to what our behavior and emotions are trying to tell us so that we can transform our stress into clarity, expansion, and peace.

(17:33): The next time you feel stressed, ask yourself this question, “What is REALLY going on here?”, “What is my stress trying to tell me?”.

(18:45): When you get skilled at Upcycling, you become the type of person that understands everything is happening FOR you.  


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