Episode 38: Next Level Thoughts

podcast Nov 20, 2019

Ever made a huge decision that felt so right and suddenly you were met with fear and doubt? Perhaps you hear the voice in your head asking you, “What was so wrong with where you were? How are you possibly going to make this work? Are you sure you’re good enough for this?”.


Before you go back to where things were comfortable, I’m here to tell you this is a natural part of evolving into your future self and these are the thoughts I call: Next Level Thoughts.

These are the thoughts where, if not recognized instantly, most people turn around and give up on their dreams. Whether it’s the dream career, role, partner, or weight.

If you’re anything like me and my clients, and you love setting goals for yourself no matter the time of year, then you don’t want to miss this episode where you’ll discover how to instantly recognize Next Level Thoughts so that you can move beyond this moment and focus on achieving your dreams.

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(2:45): If you love growth and expansion, then you inevitably come across Next Level Thoughts.  

(3:50): Example of a client who moved to a new company in a new role and was having thoughts such as, “ What if I’m not experienced enough for this role? I don’t understand the standard operating procedures as well as I could do my job efficiently. This role requires me to speak in front of the board and I want to deal with the nervousness. Product and Sales are not set up for success and therefore makes my job much more difficult.”

(5:04): Oftentimes a big reason why we feel stress is because we make having Next Level Thoughts a PROBLEM.

(6:20): Your brain’s main job is to be as efficient as possible and work less so that it is ready to protect you in times of danger. And oftentimes any time we do anything NEW, our brains perceive that as dangerous.

(8:46): If we WANT to experience new things, we have to remember that we will be facing new challenges, and this includes new thought challenges.

(10:48): Having Next Level Thoughts doesn’t mean something is wrong or that you’re not on the right path.

(11:45): How to identify Next Level Thoughts so you can minimize the amount of time in fear and doubt.  


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