Episode 39: Finding Deeper Love & Expanded Awareness with Private Client Stephanie

podcast Nov 27, 2019

Finding deeper love and an expanded level of consciousness was not what Stephanie had in mind when we first started working….

In the beginning it was all about how to finally manage stress once and for all especially after moving to a new city for love, rebuilding community, managing her career, and planning for a family.

In this week’s special episode Stephanie shares her very own story of how she was managing her life prior to doing this work, and what her life looks like now with a new set of tools she will be using for life.

In fact, Stephanie shares just how pivotal this work has been in helping her cultivate even DEEPER love in her most important relationships such as the one she has with her self, her husband, and her father.

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(1:19): My top 3 trail recommendations in Sedona; Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Solider’s Pass Caves

(3:21): Introducing private client Stephanie who shares her very own Before & After

(6:24): How Stephanie used the podcast to help alleviate daily moment to moment stress

(7:44): Why Stephanie started to think, “is something wrong with me?” after having tried several mainstream and not so mainstream forms of stress relief strategies

(8:44): What Stephanie’s life was like prior to doing this work, which includes moving for love, career transitions, moving to a new city, planning for a baby, and dealing with auto-immunity.

(11:03): How Stephanie broke through several ceilings in her life.

(12:55): How Personalization helped Stephanie reconnect with herself and her father and completely change important relationships in her life.

(15:33): What is life like now after having done the work?

(17:00): “This emotional roller coaster isn’t who you are”

(20:40): Feeling safer with emotions and not feeling scared of stress

(22:50): What would you say to your older self or someone who may be experiencing what you were just a few short months ago?


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