Episode 40: Do You Fail On Purpose?

podcast Dec 04, 2019

Most high performers wait for the “right” moment in time to take action. But what we don’t realize is that every moment is “right” and so therefore it FEELS as if we are waiting forever for that special moment for things to finally click!


And in this episode I’m going to share with you an unconventional approach to actually achieving your 2020 goals.

We’re not going to just write out our intentions or goals, we’re going to be outlining the BLUEPRINT of how to fail, and fail a lot.

By the end of this podcast you’re going to learn how to increase your capacity to fail, and why failing on purpose is the only way to achieve everything you ultimately desire.

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(4:30): Taking inventory of the past 11 months. What did you achieve? Where did you play small? What’s your plan for 2020? How do you plan to get there this time that is different than years prior?  

(7:18): Failing on purpose will guarantee you will be a different person one year from today. Examples: Promotion at work, finding a relationship, losing 8 pounds.

(8:34): What most high performers do when it comes to achieving goals.  

(9:15): Why there is no such thing as the perfect time.  

(11:07): Pick your #1 goal you want to achieve and why picking ONE vs. several guarantees success.  

(12:22): Exercise: How are you going to expect failure? What does failure look like? How will failure FEEL like?  

(14:35): Are you willing to fail more than others? Do you believe you can have what you desire? If so, you have a responsibility to your future self to start failing on purpose.


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