Episode 42: Deep Hunger

podcast Dec 18, 2019

When we live on the surface of our life we often turn to overing behavior such as indulging in eating, drinking, or shopping because we don’t realize we are hungry for something much deeper.

Whether that is more intimacy, more fulfillment, or simply to feel excited, we evade our deep hunger by distracting ourselves with small hits of dopamine that never have a lasting effect.

Learn how addressing our deepest hunger can lead to a more fulfilling life, without needing to fill our physical bodies with extra food or drinks that would never have satisfied our craving.

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(0:50): Is satisfaction on your list of emotions this year? How satisfaction is an underrated emotion. 

(1:52): The core essence of what we, as humans, want to feel in our life. Recap of last week’s episode on Simplification. 

(4:00): Overing is simply the behavior we engage in because we want temporary relief from discomfort. We have a deep hunger for an absent emotion we would rather be feeling. 

(5:16): Identifying and stopping the behavior of overing is a skill and it requires Emotional Management. 

(6:20): Every form of distraction we experience in our lives stem from deep hunger. 

(8:50): How certain overing behavior can be sneaky because it seems to provide a net positive result in our life. 

(10:00): What you THINK you want isn’t the food or drink, what you want is so much deeper whether it’s joy, freedom, satisfaction, etc. 

(11:24): How to truly understand our deep hunger. 

(12:53): Identifying moments that initiate overing behavior. 

(14:08): Ask yourself, “what is this really about?”, “what do I REALLY want?” 


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