Episode 44: Listener Q&A: Business Travel, Needing To Fix Everything, & Co-Workers

podcast Jan 01, 2020

Do you find yourself eating burgers instead of salads and skipping your workouts while traveling for business? Do you find this urge to always fix everything and make sure everything is ok? Or… are you still dealing with that annoying co-worker?

This week’s podcast is a special edition of a Listener Q&A.

We’re going to dive deep into each of these questions and identify where your stress is truly coming from. OH! And don’t be surprised when you find out that oftentimes the first question we are asking... is never really what is truly causing our stress.

Get ready to have your mind blown.

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(1:01): Updates and light bulb moments. 

(3:45): Stressproof is almost a YEAR old! Help celebrate by writing a beautiful review on Apple Podcasts. As a thank you, I am gifting a special Brain Priming Audio Guide to help you create SPACE between you and your thoughts so you can stress less. Simply screenshot your review and email me at [email protected] or DM your screenshot to @susanchoiwellness on IG! 

(6:25): Question #1: I travel for business regularly and my self care routine suffers immensely while traveling. I don’t eat healthy and I don’t want to work out because I feel that I should be working instead. How can I ensure I keep up with my self care routine while on the road?

(11:32): Question #2: I feel that I am in stress mode 85% of the time. My brain is always running. I struggle to stay focused and present in a conversation and I’m always trying to fix things. I would love your guidance. 

(15:43): Question #3: I struggle with my annoying co-worker whom I share a cube with. No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to not get annoyed at him. How can I stress less around him especially since I have to see him every day?

(20:02): Key takeaways from this Q&A. 


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