Episode 45: Communications 101

podcast Jan 08, 2020

Do you find yourself having the same tense conversation with a co-worker or even your partner? Ever wonder how something you said which seems so simple can be misunderstood or misinterpreted?

Communication boils down to one thing - Personalization.

When we don’t make the effort to realize that two realities are colliding into understanding one another, we miss out on an opportunity to understand, empathize, and build bridges into each other’s worlds.

Listen to this episode as I break down Communications 101.

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(2:08): Why communications boils down to Personalization. 

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(4:30): Personalization example using a date.  

(5:48): Breaking down communication using the P Model. 

(6:43): The real reason why misunderstandings happen.

(7:09): Example of misunderstanding with Mother-in-law.

(8:20): Why nothing is ever personal to you.

(9:39): Framework on how to communicate more effectively.

(10:32): Personalization happens at every level, including what you say. 

(12:36): Please share this episode with someone who might find this helpful. 


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