Episode 46: Emotional Reception

podcast Jan 15, 2020

Do you ever feel as if happiness is fleeting? Are you always waiting for happiness to end or have you wondered to yourself, “what’s the point of even trying to feel better”?

There’s a reason why this happens and it’s because we haven’t fully embraced Emotional Reception.

The irony of happiness is that when we cling TO happiness we shorten the lifetime value OF our happiness when we finally have it.

Learn what it takes to embrace full Emotional Reception and why on a deeper level we actually need and want to feel difficult emotions such as grief, loss, doubt, and even jealousy.

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(2:50): Relating our Emotional Reception to our technological reception. 

(5:12): Why most people strive for 5 bars thinking anything below 5 is a “less than life”. 

(6:36): The “self blame game”.

(7:30): Why we begin to resent moments that aren’t categorized as happy. 

(11:03): Debunking the beliefs: something must be wrong, anything less than happy is unenjoyable. 

(13:16): Why there’s nothing wrong with feeling discomfort and pain when it comes to our emotional life.

(14:15): Why hating some of our emotions is abandoning a part of ourselves. 

(17:23): Client examples.  

(18:16): How clinging to 5 bars holds us hostage in life. 

(19:22): Important questions to ask yourself. 


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