Episode 48: Feeling Unworthy

podcast Jan 29, 2020

“How can I feel worthy of this job?” and “Am I worthy of this amazing fiance?”

These are just some of the questions I was asked recently this past week. For each person it will be about something specific in their life, whether it is about their career, a certain status, level of income, romantic partnership, children, weight… the list is endless and it’s unique to each individual.

A huge reason why there is so much confusion and angst about worthiness is that we’ve co-mingled two definitions and purposes of what it means to be “worthy” into one word, and now apply it to every situation.

Listen to this podcast episode where I breakdown exactly why we’re all confused and what it truly takes to own your worthiness as a human and as a leader.

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(1:40): Coaching many clients on feeling unworthy. Client questions include: “How can I feel worthy of this job?” and “Am I worthy of this amazing fiance?”. 

(3:33): Most people feel worthy by doing it backwards, using outside circumstances to generate their own worth. 

(4:35): Why everyone is confused about what it means to feel “worthy” or good enough.

(5:55): Worthy as a qualification vs. innate right. 

(7:37): Separating feelings of worthiness (or lack thereof) from the circumstance. 

(8:35): Worthy as an emotion and deconditioning the brain from Problem Oriented Thinking. 

(10:20): Why is it so hard to feel worthy? 

(13:10): Worthiness vs. Deservingness. 

(16:00): Why controlling our worthiness is the long and painful way toward peace. 


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