Episode 49: Zero Tolerance Thinking

podcast Feb 05, 2020

Most people who are struggling in their success don’t realize they are entertaining their very own brain, instead of OWNING the fact that their brain is THEIR property.


Yes, you heard that right.

Your brain is YOUR property!

To get out of this chronic low level of stress we need to realize we must step into being an active participant in our own mind!

Listen to this episode as I share common examples of what it’s like to entertain our own negative thoughts, and what to do to apply Zero Tolerance Thinking so that you can transform your own life.

Oh! I have a few fun things for you.

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(0:40): STRESSPROOF will officially reach the 1 year mark in just a few weeks! Make sure you hit subscribe and stay tuned for episode #52 for an exciting giveaway! 

(1:29): Did you know there’s a free training available for download? Learn why self care is not the answer to stress and what it truly takes to manage stress the right way. Simply head on over to and download your 3 videos today! 

(2:42): Are you a high functioning professional that can’t seem to escape that one negative thought? 

(4:14): Our brain as our property. 

(5:47): What does it mean to be an active participant of our own mind?

(6:51): How negative thoughts get hard wired in our brain. 

(8:29): Why most people don’t think like real adults and utilize Zero Tolerance Thinking, and instead entertain our thoughts all day long.  

(10:00): It’s time to be more deliberate about our thinking. 

(12:12): Example of how to use Zero Tolerance Thinking toward the repeated thought, “Why am I not happy?” 


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