Episode 5: How Tony Award Winning Producer, Nick Demos, Went From Burned Out To Optimal Living

podcast Apr 03, 2019

“I thought I was going to die.”

Anyone who has ever been to the depths of what stress can do to you understands this statement. If you know on some deep level your stress needs attention sooner rather than later, join Nick Demos and I for a playful yet serious chat about stress in the creative field.

As a Tony Award winning producer, Nick Demos found himself at a cross roads when he realized that stress just might kill him.

Learn as Nick shares his journey back to wellness and how he is now at the peak of his creative flow through his consistent practice of personal stress management.

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[4:37] Did you know you would follow the arts path?

[7:30] Were there ever moments of doubt along the creative career?

[9:02] The path to alignment

[12:55] Nick’s personality type as a creative

[16:26] Nick’s relationship to crisis, stress, and trauma

[19:20] Nick’s turning point toward wellness

[25:17] How to know if you need outside help and/or if you are in burnout

[29:34] “You don’t know yourself overnight”. Why consistency is important in any prevention practice

[31:28] An easy way to meditate

[33:08] Healing from PMDD

[35:40] Recovering naturally and slowly through yoga, breathwork, and mindfulness

[39:30] Does meditation stop creativity and ambition?

[43:10] What happens when you have inspirational ideas during a meditation?

[49:17] “When in doubt, LET IT OUT” regarding what you are afraid to share

[51:09] Nick’s morning routine

[56:40] Is meditation an addiction?

[57:45] Phone Syndrome. Checking your phone first thing in the morning

[60:02] The number one tool Nick uses to combat stress


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