Episode 50: Loving Yourself

podcast Feb 12, 2020

“You’re such a great boss”, “I respect you”, “You’re so beautiful”.

Ever hear these sentences and your immediate thought is, “I wonder what’s wrong with THEM?” or “Oh, they’re just being nice…”.

When we don’t love ourselves we will never believe what we hear, even when it’s true for the other person.

Instead, our brains will find evidence for why YOU are right instead.

Loving yourself is a necessary skill everyone should develop if you want to live a life where you not only GIVE love, but you equally RECEIVE love as well.

Listen to this episode as I share common examples of why it feels like we love ourselves even when we don’t, and how we’ve been conditioned to always seek love outside of ourselves.

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(0:45): Don’t forget to check your SPAM folder for important announcements! Please add as a safe contact. 

(2:02): Why we have been conditioned to look outside ourselves for happiness. 

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(4:01): Most people confuse loving their family, their career, or even their pet as loving themselves. 

(5:32): Loving yourself is a necessary skill. 

(6:25): What if I love those around me and have a thriving career? 

(8:19): You will only see what you believe to be real. 

(11:25): How did we get here? Why is it so hard to love ourselves? 

(14:40): Loving yourself solves ancillary problems we end up having in our lives. 


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