Episode 51: Intuition vs. Thoughts

podcast Feb 19, 2020

Why is it so hard to hear our intuition? Have you ever gone back and forth trying to decide which thought is mind-made vs. intuition?

Why is it that certain people can hear it so clearly and others have such a hard time?

Today, I’m breaking down the not-so-obvious facts about intuition and the #1 reason why most people can’t hear their intuition in the first place.

For example, did you know that intuition isn’t actually a thought? I call this experience as a “happening”. OH! And did you also know that intuition is neutral? That’s right! It doesn’t yell for your attention, it doesn't lure you to do anything…. It just IS.

Listen to this episode as I breakdown the what and why on this all inclusive episode on INTUITION.

Your future self will thank you!

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(2:39): Personal story and example of identifying intuition in a quick decision moment. 

(5:04): Intuition is not a thought. It is an experience. It is a “happening”. 

(6:11): How rationalizing thoughts take you out of the experience. 

(7:24): Intuition as neutral. 

(8:21): Why you feel fear or doubt and where it comes from. 

(9:11): Becoming numb to our intuition as a result of Problem Oriented Thinking and unprocessed or unknown emotions. 

(12:05): Decisions and intuition. 

(14:49): The irony of Brain & Emotional Management and intuition. 

(15:54): Intuition requires trust and having our own back to follow through. 

(16:13): Can intuition change?


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