Episode 53: How To Be Extraordinary

podcast Mar 04, 2020

Most people believe that to be extraordinary you need to be unusual or remarkable in some way.

But what if I told you that the truth behind being extraordinary is to be EXTRA ordinary?

The reality is, when you are extra ordinary (aka the closest you can be to bringing your most authentic self to the outside world) that is when you become unusual and remarkable that no one else can ever replicate, no matter how hard they try.

Learn why most people are afraid of being extra ordinary and why trying to be extraoridnary is causing so many stressed successes to stay up at night worrying about how to keep it all together.

You don’t want to miss this!

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(3:56): Some of the hardest thoughts all successful leaders have that keep them up at night. 

(5:00): What most people believe it means to be unusual or remarkable.

(6:57): To be truly extraordinary in the most lasting and authentic sense, you must be extra ordinary.

(8:23): All thoughts are created equal. 

(10:05): Extra Ordinary people have the achievements and awards as a byproduct.

(11:21): The alternative to extra ordinary is an alternative version of who you really are. What version of you do people really like? 

(14:06): “They’re not going to take me seriously” as a thought that drove actions to try and be extraordinary vs. extra ordinary. 

(16:41): The biggest mistake most people in trying to be extraordinary. 

(17:58): Questions to ask yourself to help you be extra ordinary.


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