Episode 54: Acute Stress vs. Chronic Stress

podcast Mar 11, 2020

Most stressed successes are in a chronic state of stress because they are constantly indulging in “chasing” behavior.

This may look like chasing the sale, chasing the client, chasing the outcome of the go live, or chasing the behavior of a difficult colleague.

And this happens because of the belief that once the problem is solved, the stress will go away.

What most people never realize is that the first problem every person must solve first, is the shift from Problem Oriented Thinking to Solution Oriented Thinking.

If you truly want to be successful, you must create the ability to pause between stimulus and response so that you can re-Personalize your experience enough to shift into a higher level of awareness.

Listen as I explain the difference between acute and chronic stress.

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(3:06): Being Stressproof does not mean you become a robot and never feel certain emotions again. It is about bringing consciousness to your thinking and allowing yourself to process feelings so that you don’t recycle old thoughts and emotions over and over again which end up limiting your experience of life. 

(5:58): Why not all stress is considered equally. 

(7:06): How successful leaders are able to notice acute stress for what it is, instead of spinning out of control. 

(7:50): Most people experiencing chronic stress are indulging in “chasing” behavior. 

(9:19): How can you switch from experiencing chronic levels of stress to acute levels of stress? 

(10:14): Why overing leads to more problems. 

(11:11): Overing also distracts us from investing in our fullest potential and distracts us from realizing the problem is not the situation, but rather our own thinking.

(13:55): Most people never audit their thoughts in stressful situations because they believe the solution lies in managing and resolving the situation first, not their mind. 

(16:16): Client example of her default reactionary patterns to shifting into Solution Oriented Thinking.

(18:44): How choosing to respond differently impacts hundreds if not thousands of people around you. 

(20:57): Stress is a decision, not a situation.


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